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In the law of the gun, a man must shoot his way to innocence. At least that's how Captain McKelly of the Texas Rangers puts it to Buck Duane. On the run for killing a man to save his own skin, Duane must now infiltrate the deadly Chelsedine gang. These ruthless rustlers are running amok in Texas and it's going to take a matchless gunfighter to stop their rampage. With the legendary Rangers providing firepower, Duane has more than a fighting chance. Or so he thinks. When he uncovers a secret that could destroy them all, the bullet storm is biblical - and a legend rises out of the dust.

The Lone Star Ranger

by Zane Grey

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The Lone Star Ranger was an interesting Western.  Unlike many novels in its genre, it didn't focus on the events or setting, but rather focused on the development of the character.  There was action, but only in brief rushes.  Otherwise, the evolvement of Duane, the main character, was fascinating.  It was fun to see Grey explore the little trod path of the outlaw as a protagonist, and Grey performed admirably.  The story did take a surprising turn or two, but its main strength was in the character's development. 


Minor complaints are that Zane Grey seems to have a thing for slightly cheesy romances, but even these are amusing in their own (slightly funny) way.  Also, the beginning half of the novel was barely linked to the latter half.  The only connection is the protagonist and the effects of the events of the first half on his psyche.  Otherwise, the novel was an excellent portrayal of a man thrown outside the law by no fault of his own. For those looking for a deeper western, The Lone Star Ranger is the novel for them.

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  27 religious exclamations, 48 mild obscenities.


Violence/Gore:  Several characters are injured or killed in gun battles--the injuries are slightly graphic--bloody froth at the mouth is mentioned once; characters are threatened several times; one character is punched in the head.


Sex/Nudity: Characters kiss passionately on 3 occasions

Mature Subject Matter:  

Death, law, redemption

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Characters drink and smoke and get drunk.

Reviewed By Jackson
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