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Dark, creepy, and magnificently illustrated, this is a new series not to be missed! Pip is in hiding, trapped in the great walled city of Hangman's Hollow. The sinister Jarvis roams the streets, seeking out children wherever he can find them. And now he has a deadly ally. With his friends Toad and Frankie, Pip must seek out Jarvis in his dark forest stronghold, and strike a blow for the city's lost children.

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Pip and the Twilight Seekers: A Spindlewood Tale Bk. 2

by Chris Mould

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 PIP AND THE TWILIGHT SEEKERS is the second addition to the Spindlewood Tale series.  I was caught hook, line and sinker by the first book, PIP AND THE WOOD WITCH CURSE, and was anticipating the release of the second novel.   I was not disappointed. This second book is every bit as exciting as the first.


The children of Hangman’s Hollow are the star players in this story.  The city authorities want them for soldiers; the wood creatures want them for hostages; the sinister Jarvis  will sell them to either side; and, of course, their parents want them safe.  Chris Mould smoothly transitions between the two books by having Pip and his friends, Frankie and Toad, still in hiding; however,  the author creates such an ominous atmosphere at the beginning that you have to read on to find out what terrible thing is about  to happen. The black and white drawings underscore this emotional atmosphere at the beginning and throughout the  book.   


Mr. Mould is especially good at slow-releasing intriguing details to draw you into his characters.  He doesn’t give everything away at once which builds interest. For example, Pip for the first time begins to wonder about his own parents.  The reader keeps hoping for a clue as to why Jarvis hates children.  As if there is not enough danger, Mr.  Mound adds to the mix Captain Dooley, a wooden toy soldier who knows secrets of all the hiding children.


The plot line is an up and down roller coaster ride of danger and escape, deceit and courage all the while discovering more hidden children which raises the stakes considerably for all the  interested parties and for Pip, Frankie, and Toad, who are trying to keep them safe.  The length of the book works well for a plotline like this because the crises don’t get boring and it leaves you wanting more to happen.  Enter the third book in the series.


Parents will like this book because the sinister characters are tempered by the goodness of the children and good wins over evil so no child is going to have nightmares about the events in the story.  Hopefully parents and young readers will want the third book in the series to be released soon.

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  None


Violence/Gore:  Children are kidnapped by sinister fantasy creatures.


Sex/Nudity:  None

Mature Subject Matter:  

Crime and Illegal Activities--Kidnapping of children.

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