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Sometimes you have to go home to find out who you really are.

Charlie West went to bed one night an ordinary high-school student. He woke up a hunted man. Terrorists are trying to kill him. The police want to arrest him for the stabbing death of his best friend. He doesn’t know whose side he’s on or who he can trust. With his pursuers closing in on every side, Charlie makes his way back to his hometown to find some answers. There, holed up in an abandoned mansion, he’s joined by his friends in a desperate attempt to discover the truth about a murder he can't remember—and the love he can never forget.

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The Long Way Home

by Andrew Klavan

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The Long Way Home picks up within days of where book one, The Last Thing I Remember, left off. Charlie begins the complicated process of trying to discover who murdered his best friend and framed him for it, and in the process quickly discovers who his real friends are and who he can and can't trust. Klavan continues with the fast paced story as things get more complicated and interesting. You become more emotionally invested with the thickening plot and as the characters are further developed. Discovering those who you thought were good are actually bad and vice versa adds to the excitement. The gripping ending left me dying to read book three and see where things continue in the following book. Just like the first book, this excellent book will be enjoyed by both male and female audiences.

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  None


Violence/Gore:  Several (19) brief incidents including threats; attempted murder; second hand report of murder, fighting and war; bullying; punching and pushing; non-fatal car accident; second hand report of destruction of property in an attempt to murder but resulting in no casualties; fights with knives and bats . A few (5) extended incidents including karate used in attempt to divert, not harm; attempted murder; bullying; frightening ghost scene. 


Sex/Nudity:  A few (10) brief incidents including kissing, hand-holding; hugging; arm around.

Mature Subject Matter:  

Divorce, stealing, breaking and entering, terrorism, war, violent homes, gangs.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

A few second hand reports of teenagers drinking, smoking and doing drugs.

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