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Ishan Mehra wants a dog, but his mother has a rule about dogs. (Guess what it is?) Ishan figures if he's helpful enough and does enough things right around the house, he can change her mind. Somehow, though, the right things seem to come out all wrong. whether it's making paratha for breakfast or repainting the hallway! Award-winning author Kashmira Sheth's first novel for younger readers introduces Ishan, whose hilarious misadventures will resonate with kids everywhere.

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The No-Dogs-Allowed Rule

by Kashmira Sheth

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The No-Dogs-Allowed Rule by Kashmira Sheth is an entry-level middle grade chapter book.  The reader follows Ishan Mehra's misguided attempts to convince his mother into allowing him a dog.  Ishan's shenanigans seem a bit immature for a third grader and his parents definitely have an abundance of patience.  Along the way, the reader is exposed to some elements of Indian culture and some Indian terms--although a bit of expansion on some of the terms would have been welcome.  The illustrations by Carl Pearce have a graphic novel feel and just might steal the show from the narrative.  Boys in particular will enjoy The No-Dogs-Allowed Rule.

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Profanity/Language:  None


Violence/Gore:  Report of a character purposely tripping another character.


Sex/Nudity:  None

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