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Zack Waddell's baseball IQ makes him one of the Roadrunners' most important players. When a new kid, Dustin, immediately takes their catcher's spot, Zack is puzzled. Dustin doesn't have the skills to be a starter. So Zack offers to help him with his swing in Dustin's swanky personal batting cages.

Zack accidentally overhears a conversation and figures out why Dustin is starting--and why the team is suddenly able to afford an expensive trip to a New York tournament. Will Zack's baseball instincts transfer off the field? Will the Roadrunners be able to stay focused when their team chemistry faces its greatest challenge yet?

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Forced Out

by Gene Fehler

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The reluctant reader who would rather be playing baseball will enjoy Forced Out" thoroughly! I was pleasantly surprised to find that this simply-written book was also very well written. It also had a fun and interesting plot and a great moral. Teamwork, friendship, and loyalty feature strongly in this quick-paced story with likeable characters who do what they know is right even when it's tough.


The book ended a little abruptly for me, but those who are reading for the plays and drama of the game will probably be satisfied. 


I'm excited to offer this to some of my students who definitely prefer sports to reading. I think they'll be hooked on the first page!

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Profanity/Language: None


Violence/Gore: None


Sex/Nudity: A homosexuality reference

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