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Avery Quinn never dated much in high school, so her friends challenged her to find a boyfriend by the start of her senior year. She failed.

To save face, Avery creates a boyfriend, Garrett Cross, on Facebook. Her friends are satisfied, and all of the fuss about a boyfriend dies down - until she finds out that her imaginary boyfriend is real and moving to her hometown!

Life becomes even more complicated when her best friend, Jace Michaels, confesses his love for her, and she finds herself in a downward spiral of lies, intrigue, and heartbreak.

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Wait! He's Real?

by Maili McBride

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After being pressured by her friends to find a boyfriend the summer before her senior year, Avery is unsuccessful so she decides to just make one up. Sounds simple enough, until she discovers her dream guy is real. Have fun reading this ever-dramatic, high school romance full of friendships, cat fights, love triangles and misunderstandings. There's also an enjoyable amount of really embarrassing moments with Avery providing plenty of laughter as she always manages to be clumsy at exactly the wrong times. McBride does a great job of creating an amusing and unique plot. Wait! He's Real? is a light, quick read that will likely appeal to a female teen audience, including a reluctant reader.

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  None


Violence/Gore:  One brief incidents when a teenage character is attacked by children (teasing).


Sex/Nudity: Many (27) brief incidents including hugging; kissing; holding hands; arm around; arms around character during motorcycle ride; two references of someone looking sexy; character thinking about kissing another character; character says another character might be gay.

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