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It all begins with calamity, faith, and a flat tire. Seeking liberation from recent heartache, Kennedy Jackson leaves her hometown and moves to Arizona to work as an interior designer. She thinks she is ready for a new start, but her heart still needs some convincing. When she bumps into a handsome stranger on the highway, she starts the ride of her life on a road of divine design that will lead to her dreams if she only has the faith to follow it. This delightful tale by Rachael Anderson combines wit and romance with the reality that change is difficult, but it can bring about some of life s greatest adventures. Divinely Designed is a sure antidote for gloom and a light-hearted reminder that even the darkest forks in the road can lead somewhere brilliant.

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Divinely Designed

by Rachael Anderson

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Divinely Designed is an easy read with a simple and easy to follow plot line. It is fun and engaging, especially for those who have roommates or remember what roommate drama was like. Kennedy, the protagonist, falls hard for Braxton (who her roommate is obviously crushing on) and things start to get complicated.


When Kennedy interferes in Braxton's family life, things may have gone too far, but things have a way of getting back on track and, after all, the relationship between Kennedy and Braxton was "divinely designed." The book teaches family values in the context of LDS culture and is aimed at a female LDS demographic, but it is a fun read for all youth and young adults who just want to curl up with a book and get lost in its pages.

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Profanity/Language: None

Violence/Gore: None

Sex/Nudity: Several kisses; man holds a woman; hand holding. 

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Religion, separation from family. 

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