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In this wildly entertaining fantasy debut we meet Broxo, the only surviving member of a tribe of barbarians who once occupied a now-desolate mountain. All alone in the world, Broxo spends his time on the mountain hunting and avoiding the man-eating walking dead that periodically drag themselves out of a fetid lake.

Everything changes when Zora, a foreign princess, arrives on the mountain seeking Broxo's lost tribe. Can the two young warriors together defeat the living dead?

With accessible and beautiful art, killer fight scenes, and a story that mixes humor, romance, and classic high fantasy, Broxo is a tale you're sure to enjoy.

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by Zack Giallongo

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Broxo is a fun, action-packed fantasy that reads very quickly. The illustrations are quite dark, but fit the theme of the story, and they're beautifully done. I had a little bit of a hard time following the story at first, but I think that's just because I don't read a lot of graphic novels. Once I got into the way this type of story flows, I was able to follow the plot line fairly easily. The illustrations do a brilliant job of telling the story where words are scarce. Broxo has fun, witty dialogue as well as some scary monsters, including surprise attacks and epic sword fights. 


For lovers of graphic novels, I recommend Broxo. The characters are fun, there's light-hearted humor, and the story is simple but exciting. Villains abound, and there's a surprise twist at the end, making the half-hour I spent with Broxo well worth my time.  

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language: 1 mild obscenity.


Violence/Gore: Fantastical creatures fight and are killed with little gore; a character is killed by an animal with no gore; a character is killed with a sword with no gore and little detail; several characters are injured with a moderate amount of bloodshed; three characters fight undead characters with minimal injuries.


Sex/Nudity: Two characters flirt; two characters bathe in a pool, taking precautions to preserve modesty; a character undresses for bed with no details; two characters sleep under the same covering while camping with no physical contact or discussion (one very slight innuendo is made).

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Death of family members through natural disaster and magic.

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