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I rolled over to my back, struggling for breath. The pain continued to pulse through my body—a heavy throb followed by a sharp, crisp sting.

The man said, “Trust me, there are worse things in this world than Cell 25.”


Michael, Taylor, Ostin, and the rest of the Electroclan have escaped from the Elgen Academy in Pasadena and are headed back to Idaho to plan their next move. But what’s waiting for them there will change everything.


After using their wits and powers to narrowly escape an Elgen trap, a mysterious voice leads the Electroclan to the jungles of Peru in search of Michael’s mother. Once there, they discover that Dr. Hatch and the Elgen are far more powerful than anyone realizes; entire countries have begun to fall under their control. Only the Electroclan and an anonymous voice now stand in the way of the Elgen’s plan for global domination.


But is the voice that Michael is following really an ally, or is it just another Elgen trap?

Michael Vey: Rise of the Elgen

by Richard Paul Evans

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I was overjoyed to have the privilege of reviewing the second Michael Vey book because I enjoyed the first one, Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25.  Just like the first book, the second book had fast-paced action, interesting characters, and some science.  New to the second book is a villain bent on world domination.  Overall, it's a fun combination.  The author, Evans, does an excellent job of constructing the dynamics of Michael Vey and his group of friends as they battle the Elgen.  Part of this is that Evans' characters can relate to the book's intended age group--14 year old teens.  The only downside to this is that parts of the book can feel like cliche teenager problems and some of the characters' problems are solved a bit too easily to be believable.  Otherwise,  an exciting read that will make you want more!

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  None


Violence/Gore:  Several characters are shocked with electricity on multiple occasions; several characters threaten to kill/harm/fry each other on several occasions; a bull is fed alive to rats without graphic details; a character is fed alive to rats without graphic details; another character is almost fed alive to rats; several characters are injured in fights including fists and clubs; thousands of rats are killed on multiple occasions; torture is referred to and enacted on multiple occasions, but without explicit detail.


Sex/Nudity:  Two characters kiss and cuddle on 2 occasions

Mature Subject Matter:  

Child abuse, kidnapping, world domination, torture, death


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Reviewed By Jackson
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