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Forced to seek work wherever they can, Sal's family may never have a place to call home again. But this can't keep Sal from dreaming of a future with Ben---a boy she meets up with every year at the end of the picking season. This heartwarming story about growing up in the Great Depression will resonate with modern readers of all ages.

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At Season's End

by Eric Hendershot

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At Season's End is a book about families who stick together through thick and thin. It has the feel of The Grapes of Wrath, but with a more Christian theme.  


In this book, two young teens are forced to incredible extremes in order to stay together as a family during the Great Depression. They are forced to lie their way across the country to find some form of a home. The story shows time and time again how much migrant workers looked out for each other and exemplifies two migrant families whose caring and love enable the teens to find the home they need.


In Hood River the characters show what it is like to cross through thick and thin. This book is a great read for teens and adults who are able to comprehend both the hope and the desperation in the Great Depression. 

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language: None


Violence/Gore: None


Sex/Nudity:  Boys eyes linger on a girl's covered breasts; a woman undresses for a doctor; a family sleeps undressed on top of their covers in a home; a woman comes outside in only her underwear; a man feel's his wife's breast; two minors marry; a fifteen year old pretends to be pregnant. 

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Death; Abandonment; Thievery; Socioeconomic conflict; The Great Depression.

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