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With its straightforward, practical wisdom, Enriching Your Marriage will spark a flame in lovers of all ages to help strengthen their marriage, no matter how rocky or blissful. With over 30 years of marriage and family teaching and counseling experience, Dr. Clark Swain has positively influenced many lives. Make yours one of them as this book becomes a turning point for your marriage and your life.

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Enriching Your Marriage

by Dr. Clark Swain

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Enriching Your Marriage by Dr. Clark Swain is an amazingly helpful and straight-forward resource.  If you are dating, engaged, or have been married for 50 years, this book is for you. Readers will laugh at how spot-on Dr. Clark is about marriage in its humorous ways, and will find themselves implementing his easy strategies as soon as they read them, even the very same day! Read it, follow it, and watch as you change into a more positive, loving person, and see your relationship become more fulfilling. Please take the time to read this great book, and the pass it on to all of your friends so they can read it too!

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There was no violence, mature themes, or profanity in this book.

Sexual content was mild and not offensive in nature: The book contains a chapter on “sexual love” and uses related terms throughout that chapter.  Although it is not offensive for an adult audience, it may be inappropriate for a young teen to read.   

This book is a clean resource for marriage and other relationships and is recommended for ages 21+ because of the sexual content.

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