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After seizing power, the evil Thane rules as a vicious dictator. Now the only thing standing between him and total domination is the sacred Scroll of Quickening and its guardian, Pinecone. This thrilling adventure story is a truly magical tale for readers of all ages. Join Pinecone in his quest and lose yourself in the pages of this richly detailed fantasy world.

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The Rifts of Rime

by Steven L. Peck

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Before picking up the book, I had read several reviews comparing The Rifts of Rime to Brian Jacques' popular Redwall series. Although the Redwall books are some of my favorites from childhood, I always love when an author manages to take an already-used premise and make it fresh and original. I was pleasantly surprised when I began The Rifts of Rime and realized that the world Steven Peck has created is distinct and unique, with its own culture, traditions, and religious mythology. I enjoyed being immersed in Peck's world for a little while, and found his characters to be interesting and engaging. 


However, while there were many things about The Rifts of Rime that I enjoyed, there were also many things I found lacking. At times, Peck interrupts his narrative with long passages of exposition that quickly lose the momentum of the story. He also often falls prey to "telling" the reader what is happening, rather than "showing," and many of his scenes lack emotional impact as a result. Despite its action-filled premise, there were many points where the novel seemed to progress very slowly and I found it very easy to put it down. Although the novel is intended for young readers, I think that most middle-grade children would have trouble maintaining interest through the story. I also was frustrated to find that The Rifts of Rime was full of typos and grammatical errors that often confused the meaning of a passage and forced me to go back and read things through two or three times.


Although I thought that The Rifts of Rime had a lot of promise, I ultimately felt that the novel could have benefited from some more revision. However, I do think that it will appeal to adults and advanced reader children who enjoy stories that are cerebral and thought-provoking, rather than action-oriented.

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language: ***


Violence/Gore: Several characters threaten other characters (usually in battle or single combat). A character considers murdering another. A character murders a guard (the deed is not described, only alluded to). A character is slapped with a spearbutt. There are several more brief references to killing. A second-hand account is given of a character being seriously maimed in battle. A second-hand account is given of a character being brutally tortured. A battle scene takes two pages and there is a very brief description of blood. The climax of the book deals with a war between two factions, which lasts for several pages and includes several scenes of battle, most of them described briefly and without blood.


Sex/Nudity: Characters are attracted to each other, fall in love, kiss, and touch. A female character is married and later pregnant.

Mature Subject Matter:  

Corrupt government, war, faith.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Characters drink honey mead. (It's unclear whether the characters throughout the story are adults or minors.)

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