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A heartwarming debut introduces readers to the adventures of its overachieving porcine narrator

Blending the sophisticated satire of Jonathan Swift with the charming exuberance of a Pixar film, Pyg tells the story of Toby, a truly exceptional pig who lived in late eighteenth-century England. After winning the blue ribbon at the Salford Livestock Fair and escaping the butcher's knife, Toby tours the country, wowing circus audiences with his abilities to count, spell, and even read the minds of ladies (but only with their permission, of course). He goes on to study at Oxford and Edinburgh—encountering such luminaries as Samuel Johnson, Robert Burns, and William Blake—before finally writing his own life story. Quirky, beguiling, and endlessly entertaining, this memoir of a "remarkable sapient pig" is a sharp and witty delight.

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Pyg: The Memoirs of Toby, the Learned Pig

by Russell Potter

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Overall Review:  

Pyg:  The Memoirs of Toby, the Learned Pig is oh so British in feel and the "editor"  Russell Potter has a bit of high-brow fun.  Quite leisurely in pace, the first person narrative takes the reader on tour of the English countryside while tossing in encounters with historical figures and indulging in some philosophizing, too.  The "memoir" comes complete with notes.


This book would probably be enjoyed most by a reader who grasps British dry humor and who is familiar with British historical figures (so as to truly appreciate their incorporation into the storyline).  The purposely archaic linguistic style and slow pacing lends this book to an older reader.

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  3 religious exclamations; 5 mild obscenities.


Violence/Gore:  Verbal threats of death; an abduction; sound of hitting and sight of blood on clothing indicating a character has been beat (actual scene not described); a character dies from illness/complications.


Sex/Nudity:  A woman inquires if her husband has been unfaithful to her.

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Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Incidental mentions/occurrences of drinking:  toasts, drinking with dinner, drinking at a tavern, and so forth.

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