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When young Code falls down a hole while following a mysterious robotic insect, he lands in a world that defies all imagination. Everything in Mekhos is made from metal and circuitry, including the citizens-who happen to be robots. To find his way home, Code must first cross Mekhos's bizarre and dangerous landscape to reach the Beam Stalk. There, an artifact known as the Robonomicon is being guarded by an evil ruler who has plans to destroy Mekhos. Can Code free the Robonomicon, save the robots of Mekhos from impending doom, and still get himself back to Earth in time to catch the school bus? With its dazzling array of robots and futuristic gadgetry, this rollicking story will hold special appeal for boys and budding sci-fi lovers everywhere.

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A Boy and His Bot

by Daniel H. Wilson

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A Boy and His Bot is a book with boy written all over it!  Although anyone who enjoys imaginitive play would find a kindred spirit in the author, Daniel Wilson.  This story is not about the writing style, but rather about possibilities and an adventure.  As a result, the dialogue is basic and the characters, though likeable, aren't particularly developed.  The free-flow of ideas in this book made it seem like the author wrote completely uninhibited and had a lot of fun letting the imagination go.  There were a couple of laugh out-loud moments and a few gems that I won't divulge since they would be spoilers.  There is not a lot of true science fiction for younger readers so A Boy and His Bot is a welcome addition to the age category.


Providing an age recommendation for this book was tricky as the book may have somewhat of an audience identity crisis.  The first part of the book and the overall plot progression definitely fit a younger audience.  However the vocabulary was advanced and the ultimate resolution was cerebral--fitting an older reader audience.  Probably the perfect reader for this book is an elementary school student reading at a high lexile level--especially one who loves robots!

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  None


Violence/Gore:  A character pushes another character; a character sings a song that talks about violent actions; walls are smashed; robots are dissolved by other robots; robots and robotic creatures battle; a character dies; a robot fights a character in extended 5 page scene mainly depicting struggling (blood is briefly mentioned); character receives eyeball upgrade.


Sex/Nudity:  A character's pants fall down.

Mature Subject Matter:  

Death of family member; bullying; war.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  


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