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Raising Dragons is a contemporary fantasy novel, the first book in the best-selling Dragons in our Midst series. This story inspires young people to dig deep within to find their God-given strengths and use them to overcome any obstacle. It is both a hair-raising, modern-day adventure and a glimpse into another world a world of knights, dragons, and fair maidens.

Plot Description:
A boy learns of his dragon past; a girl has known of hers for years. They combine their faith, courage, and love to overcome evil, a slayer who seeks to bring an end to dragon heritage, forever.

The kids at school call Billy Dragon Breath for good reason. His breath is bad! It isn't the normal, morning-mouth bad; it's the hot-as-fire, don't-you-dare-get-near-me bad. Trouble erupts when his hot breath sets off the fire sprinklers in the boy's restroom at school, and his parents learn that they've kept their secret for too long.

Billy finally discovers the secret. His father was once a dragon! Now that's a piece of news a guy doesn't deal with every day! Billy feels betrayed, alien, lost. When the dragon slayer traps him on a cold mountaintop in West Virginia, Billy learns to battle with weapons of steel and spirit while relying on a power he doesn't understand, a power that helps him learn to trust again.

Bonnie, an orphan, tries to find a home, someone to love her, even though she feels like a freak because of a body feature that she calls a deformity. But this unusual feature becomes a life-saving attribute as she discovers that her love for others and her faith in a creator hold the answers she's looking for.

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Raising Dragons

by Bryan Davis

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Overall Review:  

Raising Dragons by Bryan Davis is the first book in a four-book series.  An unique combination of Arthurian legend, magic, knights, and religion result in an unusual premise.  Although there is a whisper of a Christian theme, this book is primarily an adventure fantasy novel and would have a wide appeal.  Dialogue did tend to be stiff and forced throughout the book, but Davis had no such troubles in the action sequences which were strongly and compellingly written.  Likeable characters and a never-say-die, fanatical villain kept this story interesting.  With a twist on dragon lore, this book should appeal to young dragon-lovers. 

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  4 religious exclamations; 1 mild obscenity.


Violence/Gore:  A character punches another character; characters suffer injuries to fingers, hands, knees, ankles; characters struggle and wrestle; report of the previous death of a parent; arson; 1+ page scene in which characters struggle with a gun, hit with a bat, and deaths by fire result; scene in which characters struggle, are cut, hair is pulled, tackling, head is hit on the ground; a knight stabs a dragon in the belly resulting in "gushing fluids and entrails"; shots are fired and one person is gravely injured and bleeding; report of a dragon killing a person; a threat to cut off a person's head; a person is knocked unconscious; streaks of blood and a trail of blood are seen; an animal is shot (but lives); a man catches fire; a multi-page fight scene involving swords, blood for a spell, fire-breathing, death, smashing, knocking, arrows, and a severe bleeding injury.


Sex/Nudity:  A married couple kiss; a character is teased about having the "hots" for someone; a character kisses another character on the cheek; after a magical transformation characters are naked and need to put on clothes (non-sexual).

Mature Subject Matter:  

Faith, persecution, death of a family member, lying.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

An adult likes to chew tobacco.

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