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Eliza Moore s sophomore year of high school is turning out to be anything but ordinary. After only half-listening to her mother s lesson on Sunday about the importance of the Young Women values, something strange begins to happen. Eliza begins dreaming about her great-grandmother, who visits her with some important lessons taught by some very special people. Each time Eliza awakens, she finds herself on a treasure hunt of sorts as she begins to understand the significance of the eight Young Women values, and she finds her life changing for the better as she strives to live them. Invaluable is the fun and inspiring story of Eliza s journey of spiritual self-discovery that will have girls of all ages excited to be part of the Young Women program.

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by Holly J. Wood

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Invaluable is an incredibly powerful read about living the principles of the LDS faith.  Although geared toward young women, this book provides valuable insight for women and girls of all ages. It discusses faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, integrity, and virtue in a way that shows readers how to apply the values in their own lives.  Invaluable focuses on the life of one teenage girl, but also introduces real women who have strongly influenced our society. I particularly enjoyed reading about Anne Sullivan's use of knowledge followed by Eliza's practical application in the world today. With a hint of romance, Holly J.Wood illustrates the choices that must be made to make a relationship work. This book touches hearts due to its difference from other LDS novels. It explores chapter by chapter how to make correct choices in many aspects of life rather than merely following the path of star crossed lovers or intense action plots. I would strongly reccomend this book to anyone seeking inspiration, but would also caution that it is an incredibly hard book to put down and may cause a lack of sleep if one insists on reading the entire book in one sitting. 

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Religious and Socioeconomic conflicts. Underage Drinking. 

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Four teenagers are found drinking beer. 

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