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Against the backdrop of today's many political and fiscal system dysfunctions, author and financial advisor Gary Klaben declares that America's future is still exceptionally bright. Figuring out how to unlock the needs of today's individuals and families defines the challenge of achieving a better future. Done right, the next great wave of business innovation, wealth creation, and family well-being can soon be unleashed. Changing the Conversation -- taking note of today s anxieties in the workplace, in communities and in homes -- argues that a new kind of conversation is urgently needed. People require a new and profound support system involving mutual trust, long-term relationships, interdependence, intimate knowledge and practical consolidation to reduce complexity and live simpler, happier lives. Changing the Conversation outlines the journey from dependency to mastery, from self-discovery to multi-generational financial and family realization.

Changing the Conversation

by Gary Klaben

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This book would be an entertaining and thought-provoking read for those who genuinely enjoy learning more about living well. Gary Klaben seems to be very well-read in the areas of financial and personal success. The references throughout his writing, to books that he has read, motivated me to research other self-help books. This book has many wise and useful tips sprinkled through-out its pages.  However, “Changing the Conversation” was light on tips and advice, and heavy on anecdotes to explain a concept. I was disappointed by the lack of practical ideas on how to better one's financial and family wellness.  Klaben used many stories and examples to explain various concepts throughout his book, but the connection between the examples he provided and the points he was explaining was often difficult to decipher.  Much of the congruency of his thoughts was left up to the reader.  “Changing the Conversation” would be a worthwhile and motivating book if you, as a reader, have a basic knowledge in the areas of finance and personal wellness, but it may not be the best choice for a reader who is trying to learn basic concepts of financial planning.

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We recommend this book for ages 21+ only because of the reading level and the topic of finances.

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