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Insanity has destroyed humanity once and is now poised to destroy it again. For a thousand years, the scourge has been held in check by specialized vitamins. Instability in the human genome, however, threatens to render the vitamins impotent, unless someone can solve the DNA Dilemma. Fighting a losing battle against his own decline into insanity, medical student John Turner writes a revolutionary thesis that he hopes will save the human race. But as events unfold, John discovers that insanity is not at all what his education has led him to believe. Furthermore, his wife concludes that his thesis is not the panacea he imagines, but instead represents the greatest threat to human freedom and happiness that the world has ever known. With time running out and the stakes rising, John must face the evil within and make a terrifying choice.

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by Aaron Jordan

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Set in the future, this book's definition of insanity has a very different meaning than what we currently believe. All characters are given vitamins to prevent insanity, but even with vitamins, Robert and John are struggling to stay "sane". This book was intriguing from beginning to end and very thought provoking. It was interesting and sweet to watch John and his wife, Angela, have their relationship grow into something they never thought possible. There are several characters with strong personalities and opinions of what's right and wrong and what they think will save humanity. Just when Aaron Jordan has you believing in one of these character's philosophies, he shows you another point of view and changes your mind. Major, life-altering decisions are made based on what characters think someone else is feeling and thinking and things probably would've ended very differently had they trusted each other and had more open conversations before making rash decisions. To see how everything unfolded was captivating! I really enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it to both male and female ages 16+.

Content Analysis:  

Violence/Gore:  Several (12) brief incidents including but not limited to a verbal threat; people getting poisoned; lethal experiements being done on people; suicide; war; character accidentally and unknowingly kills someone. Few (2) extended incidents (very little detail) including character being killed and war.


Sex/Nudity:  Few (7) brief incidents including but not limited to flirting; holding hands; kissing; children playing kissing tag. Few (2) extended incidents including character getting raped (very little detail); prostitutes approaching a man.

Mature Subject Matter:  

War; rape; depression; panic attack; suicide; second hand reports of divorce, polygamy, STDs, homosexuality, battered women, children starving, battered, molested & murdered.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Characters are given addictive vitamins which cause withdrawals when not taken; needles used to administer drugs for alleviating withdrawal symptoms, as sedative and to draw blood; character drunk; character overdosing on sleeping pills.

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