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"The rousing notes of the bugle and the laughter and shouting increased the feeling of rebellion within Ralph. As the last strains of the bugle call hovered in the clear mountain air, Ralph made up his mind. He knew now what he was going to do. He was going to run away."

Fed up with his timid mother and uncle and his squirmy little cousins, Ralph hops onto his toy motorcycle and zooms down the road to summer camp. It turns out camp is not all peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and fun. A strict watchdog, a mouse-hungry cat, and a troubled boy named Garf lead Ralph on some fur-raising escapades. Perhaps home isn't such a bad place to be, if only Ralph can find a way to get there again.

Runaway Ralph

by Beverly Cleary

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Runaway Ralph by Beverly Cleary is a classic for a reason.  Ralph, the protaganist, may be a mouse, but he has sentiments and feelings that young children can easily relate to.  Under that mouse skin, is the heart of a boy.  In addition, the supporting characters are charming and because of Cleary's spot-on descriptions they are effortless to visualize.  This book is an easy read for a young reader or a read aloud.  (An outstanding audio version is also available.)  Re-discover a classic with your children with its timeless themes of independence and home!

Content Analysis:  

Violence/Gore:  A character has a minor accident on a motorcycle resulting in a few scratches and bruises; a character sings some camp songs that suggest violence to animals (bopping field mice on the head, etc.)

Mature Subject Matter:  

Running away from home.

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Reviewed By Cindy
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