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JANE AUSTEN IS THE MOST INFLUENTIAL English novelist of all time, and yet each of us relates to her in our own private way. Remarkably Jane: Notable Quotations on Jane Austen presents one hundred of the most thoughtful, humorous, and impassioned quotations on the work of Jane Austen by great writers, actors, and intellectuals from the past and present. Together, these insights form a collective view of a beloved author whose talents remain unsurpassed.

"Everybody believes in some way that they are Lizzie Bennet." -KEIRA KNIGHTLEY Actress portraying Elizabeth Bennet in 2005 film version of Pride and Prejudice

"It wasn't really me that everyone went crazy about-it was the character [Fitzwilliam Darcy], who'd been around for a couple of centuries." -COLIN FIRTH Actor portraying Mr. Darcy in the 2005 BBC TV mini-series Pride and Prejudice

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Remarkably Jane: Notable Quotations on Jane Austin

by Jennifer Adams

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The first time I opened this book I was disappointed.  For some reason, I had thought it would contain quotations from Jane Austen's novels followed by quotes from famous literary figures commenting on her writing.  However, this book contained none of Austen's writing and was simply a book of quotes about Jane.


The second time I opened the book was to discuss it with my husband.  We began reading quotes together and discussing what was said.  It was quite interesting and my opinion of the book improved, but only slightly.


The third time I opened the book, I read it straight through and found myself laughing out loud and talking to myself, voicing my agreement or disagreemant with what was being said of my beloved Jane Austen.  I found myself yearning to write a summation of my own feelings about Miss Austen's novels, and so I did:  It is a small sadness in my life that I did not discover Jane Austen until I was in my early thirties.


If you feel as I do, that being unaware of Austen's subtle plot lines and lively characters qualifies as a sadness in life, you may want to put this little "literary gift book" on your wish list.

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Homosexuality, sex, sexual abuse, and incest.


Please note that just a few of the quotes in the book refer to these as possible themes in a Jane Austen novel.  As this is a quote book, there are no 'scenes' and there is no in-depth discussion.

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