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This is a true story of chocolate, bubble gum, and hope.


World War II was over, and Berlin was in ruins.  U.S. Air Force pilot, Gail Halvorsen wanted to bring some happiness to the children of the city--but what could one man in one plane do? 

Candy Bomber

by Michael O. Tunnell

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An inspirational true story about an exceptional person. This famous account has been written more than once, and many people are familiar with the Berlin Candy Bomber, but this biography is a little different. It's the first version for older children, and while it is entirely appropriate for upper elementary grades, it would also be a great companion to heavier stories like The Diary of Anne Frank, for young teens and young adult readers. I learned a lot myself! It's a very quick read, but left me feeling uplifted and hopeful about humanity and the good that can come out of wartime tragedy. The pictures add a great deal, and I could feel the cheerfulness and good will that the children of Berlin felt when they met Gail Halvorsen. The kindness of the "Chocolate Uncle" is matched by the children's unselfishness and strong desire for freedom. It's truly a story of how one small act can grow into something capable of saving lives and preserving sanity. 

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References to hunger, poverty, and starvation, as well as mention of children who have lost homes, parents, and other family members to wartime violence. 

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