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Aislin is cursed. A regular college student at night and a swan during the day, Aislin can only break the curse by finding her true love. But when her beloved discovers the truth, will his fear override their love? This modern adaptation of Swan Lake will help you discover what love really means.

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Swan and Shadow: A Swan Lake Story

by Kaki Olsen

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A contemporary romance with a fairy tale twist, author Kaki Olsen’s, Swan and Shadow: A Swan Lake Story, is a  fanciful tale.

Narrated in alternating first-person perspective, twins Aislin and Meave fantasize about boys, hang out with friends, and disagree with their parents--basic teenager stuff, all while keeping a peculiar family secret. The interchange between the two protagonists is easily identified for readers by the bold-faced heading between each act (chapter):   white for Aisin, black for Meave.

Plentiful dialogue keeps the story moving forward, while a significant development steadily tags along. A tale that is fitting for teenage girls who enjoy a romantic read; most of the narration is dedicated to female chitchat about the opposite sex, dating, school, and extracurricular activities.  Oh, and that pesky family secret I mentioned earlier. 

That family secret is not kept a mystery from readers for long as the first page (and the title) reveal the big to-do. Even though the revelation is presented early on, the author captures readers' attention with a dramatic beginning in the form of an international conundrum, that is equal parts humor and intrigue, and it charmingly introduces the principal characters. 

Don’t be dismayed by this story being a retelling of Swan Lake, the tragedy and conniving are kept to a minimum, while devotion and sisterly love shine as the real theme of this particular version.  

A perfect novel for readers who are attracted to romance novels with endings that don’t drown you in the  "happily ever after," revelry.

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  1 mild obscenity.

Violence/Gore:  About eight brief occurrences of playful violence; a character reports being attacked by an animal, sustains injuries and must be treated in the hospital; a character admits to shoplifting; report of a car accident; report of swimming accident in which character suffered an injury; mention of a fight; mention of fantasy characters committing suicide; brief comment made about a relative committing suicide because of rape (non-descriptive); character has a somewhat violent dream; report of a character being stabbed, receiving wound, treated at the hospital. 

Sex/Nudity:  A few brief reports of character being nude (non-sexual); about five mild jokes about nudity; mentions of menstrual cycle, tampons, and pads; several brief scenes (about 50) and few extended scenes (about 10) in which teen characters hug, kiss, hold hands, flirt, gossip about the opposite sex, or display romantic affection; remarks are made about sexual coercion, teen sex/pregnancy, being taken advantage of (rape); few discussions or brief mentioning of intimacy outside and within marriage.

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Alcohol / Drug Use:  

A character is administered drugs while in the hospital; a few jokes about drug use; report of a character’s sibling being prosecuted by the law for drug use/distribution. 

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