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John and Jill have finally made it home only to find their children are not in Repose. Where are they and why aren’t they here? Questions are answered and new ones abound as we go back to The Day. Follow along as the Repose Alliance Group comes together to brace themselves and their community for the trials ahead. Some will thrive, some will die as desperate people begin to do desperate things. Carefree days are gone as a boy must become a man and a girl must become a woman. Are they ready? Trying times are ahead . . .

Once Upon an Apocalypse: Book 2 - The Search

by Jeff Motes

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This is a coming-of-age story for Will and Lizzy.  Faced with unimaginable challenges, they are forced to choose whether to face obstacles bravely and do "adultish" things, or to scare easily and become victims.  Taught by their parents to be courageous, strong, faithful to God, and to do the right thing, these two must grow up quickly, but not all their friends feel the same way.  The author, Jeff Motes, has presented several characters that react in very different ways when faced with the unimaginable.  Compared to book one, this is a nice, light story, although, humanity has a way of showing their true colors: the good continue to be good and help others while those with an evil seed in their heart find a way to take advantage of the less fortunate.  Continuing from book 1, this is a teaching book that also has a good story.  Book one would not be absolutely essential to understanding the story but it would fill in a lot of details.  The pacing moves quickly and at one hundred pages shorter than book one, and with a bit less violence, this is a fairly quick read.  The characters have a way of drawing the reader in and causing an emotional response.  You might find yourself cheering the good guys on and then wanting to smack the bad guys.

Thankfully book three is already written and published because the story ends in such a way that reading book three is absolutely essential to get the conclusion of the story.  Because the author intended this book to also teach people to be prepared, it comes with lots of ideas for things that the average person can do to prepare for emergencies.  What if the power went out and NEVER came back on?  Jeff Motes teaches us that "just in case" is a good starting place when thinking about preparedness.  This book is not for the faint of heart and could cause the reader to go on a shopping spree to make sure they have their pantry stocked with the essentials.  Although the main characters pray often, they are not "preachy".  I look forward to reading book 3 and the conclusion of this story.

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  1 religious exclamation; 26 mild obscenities; 6 derogatory names; 2 anatomical terms.

Violence/Gore:  Man riding a kids bike tumbles on a road, some blood, facial damage and lots of cuts and bruises; mention of a woman who dies of a heart attack; insulin-dependent man knows he will die soon; man shoots a gun to make another man let him go; creepy prowler; man shot & lying dead, another man steals from him; man passes out when dentist starts to pull his tooth; man tries to take a vehicle away from a teen boy; older teen boy tries to intimidate and take advantage of 2 teen girls and a woman, use of pepper spray & self-defense, some blood; 3 older teen football players attack 2 teen boys, injuries, 1 broken arm, sleeper hold, no death; man is going to attack teen boy, teen boy pulls gun and threatens to kill man; man sticks a shotgun in another man's face and steals food; man sticks shotgun in teen boy's face with intent to hold captive and rape; 2 teen boys get shotgun from man, knock man out, sleeper hold; teen boy spits in man's face, kicks man in groin; woman shoots man, some blood, no death; 2nd hand story of 2 Officers shot by looters; dead pet hanging from tree, will be eaten; teen girl shoots a small animal and skins it.

Sex/Nudity:  Man captures teen boy and says he's going to let him be his woman for the night; man tells teen boy to cuff another teen boy so the man can rape him; teen girl implies she had sex with her boyfriend, no details; man is thinking he'd like to have sex with his wife; man thinks he may have to trade a teen girl for food; teen boy delivers woman's baby, some details of birthing but no specifics of nudity.

Mature Subject Matter:  

Rape, homosexuality, death, violence, gangs, ethics, collapse of government and infrastructure.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Dentist gives man shots of whisky before and after doing a dental procedure; out of water, man takes a pain med with whisky; man is either high or drunk and has a shotgun.

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