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After waking up from her one hundred year sleep, Princess Aurora (who goes by her middle name Claire) is delighted to find everyone in the castle has woken up as well. After getting engaged to the prince who woke her up, she believes everything is perfect until one by one everyone keeps falling back to sleep, and not waking up. Knowing that something with the spell is wrong, Claire, her Prince, and Jamen his knight go on a quest to find the fairy who cast the spell in the first place. Will they make it back in time before the spell will take back the whole kingdom

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Waking Beauty

by Brittlyn Gallacher Doyle

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Princess Aurora Claire has known her destiny from the age of six: to fall asleep for 100 years, be awakened by a kiss, and marry her handsome prince.  But no one ever thought to prepare her for life after that kiss came, so when her people begin to fall back under the sleeping spell and her fairy-given gifts start failing her, Claire must find a way to break the spell and forge a new destiny for herself before it is too late.

In Waking Beauty author Brittlyn Gallacher Doyle, while maintaining the integrity of the genre, gives the classic Sleeping Beauty fairy tale a wonderfully modern spin.  Complete with the familiar characters we know by heart (Princess Aurora, Prince Charming and his faithful Knight), Doyle molds them into complex, three-dimensional beings that deliver fresh, solid characters for readers to hold onto.

With Waking Beauty, the author presents a story sure to enthrall  all ages. An enchanting tale of magic, true love, and adventure that also shows that true happiness and beauty are inside us all, if we are only brave enough to wake it up.

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  None

Violence/Gore: Young Woman pricks finger on spinning wheel; a few instances where a young woman bumps head on a wall; several references to curse causing girl to die/sleep; young girl cuts finger; young woman references death of people and creatures around her; magic causes people to fall asleep; young woman's muscles cramp from extended riding; young man elbows other young man; young woman grabbed by man; young man twists other man's arm; young woman stumbles into young man; young woman robbed at knife-point; man kicks other man; young woman faints; young man teaches young woman to defend herself; young woman accidentally hits young man in the nose; young woman trips on her hem; young man throws young woman in water; young man joking refers to tying young woman up; young woman stumbles and falls; several extended scenes of magical violence directed at young people; plant causes young woman dress to catch fire; young man sustains cut on arm; young man tugs young woman's hair; young woman swats and young man; young woman nearly struck by lightning; reference to a child's temper tantrum; sign references the danger of a lake; young woman slams into man; young man hits other young man with paddle; young man thrown overboard; young woman splits hands on tree trunk; young man squeezes young woman's arm; young man threatens other young man's family; young man references father's death; young woman knocked over; young man knocks man out; young people chased by a mob; young man kicks door; young woman punches young man; young woman held at knife-point; young woman delivers several blows to man; an extended scene of battle.

Sex/Nudity:  Many instances of courtly affection (taking of hands, kisses to hands, cheeks, etc.); several instances of young men and young woman kissing; a few instances of young men putting an arm around young woman; young man tweaks young woman's nose; a few instances of a young man hugging young woman; young man and young woman fall asleep in each other's arms (non-sexual); a few instances of young man kissing young woman's nose; young man strokes young woman's cheek; a few vague sexual references; young man lifts young woman in his arms.

Mature Subject Matter:  

Agency, magic, death, poverty, political unrest, love.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

References to/brief scenes where alcohol is consumed.

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