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Gabby St. Claire dropped out of school on her way to completing a degree in forensic science. Instead, she did the next best thing: she started her own crime scene cleaning business. When a routine cleaning job uncovers a murder weapon the police overlooked, she realizes that the wrong person is in jail. But the owner of the weapon is willing to do anything to keep Gabby quiet. With the help of her neighbor, Riley Thomas, Gabby plays detective. But can Riley help her before another murder occurs?+

Hazardous Duty (Book 1: Squeaky Clean Mysteries)

by Christy Barritt

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Gabbie would make a great best friend.  Fun-loving and quirky, trouble always seems to fall at her feet.  Her family holds some deep dark secrets and still she would give up everything for them and those she loves.  The author, Christy Barritt, is a Christian author and Hazardous Duty is her first-book in a twelve book series.  Gabbie is an atheist; however, life-threatening circumstances force her to question her disbeliefs.  The characters are written in a way that makes the good guys lovable and the bad guys easy to dislike.  They have depth and the potential to entrance and engage the reader.  Along the lines of a Cozy Mystery, there is a light-hearted romance that runs through the story.  Gabbie is almost a scientist and works as a crime scene cleaner for a living; however, limited details are given so this book is not gory.  

Gabbie talks a lot and has a unique voice in how she narrates her life and surroundings.  Her descriptions are quite funny and keep the book's pacing swift with many red herrings along the way.  This story stands alone while building the foundation of her world so the reader can better prepare themselves for what other troubles Gabbie will encounter and hopefully overcome.

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  None 

Violence/Gore:  Woman was killed in her home, some details of the cleanup, blood, bone; character shot in knee, no gore; character caught in house fire, some burns; bombs; mention of a child who was kidnapped and never found; character left to die of carbon monoxide poisoning; man breaks into woman's apartment, some violence; character killed, lots of blood but no gory descriptions; woman threatens another woman's life, shots fired, no blood. 

Sex/Nudity:  Mention of an old lady who cleans house in the nude, no description; man blackmailed because he was having an affair, got girlfriend pregnant, no details; man accused of having several affairs, no details. 

Mature Subject Matter:  

Arson, murder, death of family members, abduction of child, alcoholic Father, bombs, guns, blood, politics.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Multiple mentions of father being an alcoholic.

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