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At her christening, a princess is given the gift of "ordinariness" by a fairy, and the consequences of that eventually take her to a nearby palace where, as the fourteenth assistant kitchen maid, she meets the prince for her.

The Ordinary Princess

by M.M. Kaye

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The Ordinary Princess is a sweet fairy tale that is perfect for young readers.  It follows Amethyst, the seventh princess born in a long line of beautiful princesses.  Her mother, the Queen, is very excited to welcome this 'lucky' seventh daughter and follows tradition by inviting fairies to the christening.  Amethyst gets wonderful gifts from the fairies until her luck runs out and a disgruntled fairy arrives and bestows on her the gift of ordinariness.  But, perhaps, she is lucky after all.


M.M. Kaye has created a fun and refreshing princess and a very innocent romance.  The story contains most of the characters one would expect to see in a fairy tale, even a dragon.  Well...almost a dragon.

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Reviewed By Ambra
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