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Over the Atlantic in the dark of night, the electronic brain of Pangia Airlines Flight 10 quietly and without warning disconnects all the cockpit controls and reverses course on its own.
The crew of the huge Airbus 330 at first sense nothing, the flight displays still showing them on course to New York. But with puzzled passengers reporting stars on the wrong side and growing alarm over the sudden failure of all their radios - and when armed fighters pull alongside to force them to land - the confused pilots discover that Flight 10 is streaking back toward the hyper-volatile Middle East and there is nothing they can do about it.
With an alphabet soup of federal agencies struggling for answers and messages flying between Washington, and Tel Aviv where the flight began, the growing supposition that Flight 10 may be hijacked is fueled by the presence of a feared and hated former head of state sitting in first class, a man with an extreme Mid East agenda who may somehow be responsible for the Airbus A-330's loss of control. As frantic speculation spreads, the possibility that the unresponsive airliner could be the leading edge of a sophisticated attack on Iran designed to provoke a nuclear response drives increasingly desperate decisions.
As time and fuel runs low, flying at full throttle toward a hostile border ahead, Captain Jerry Tollefson and First Officer Dan Horneman have to put their personal animosities aside and risk everything to wrest control from the electronic ghost holding them – and perhaps the world - on a course to certain disaster.
And in the "Hole" - as the war room in Tel Aviv is called - the interim Prime Minister of Israel grapples with a horrifying choice in the balance between 300 airborne lives and the probability of nuclear war.


by John J. Nance

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"On the edge of my seat" and "action packed" are just not descriptive enough to describe this novel.  Every chapter was an emotional ride.  John J. Nance is a master of suspense.  He has written at least 15 novels and after about a ten-year break, he came back with Lockout.  What a comeback!  There's a lot of techie stuff going on in the book but it's all realistic, causing the book to flow well.  The author was an aviator himself and has used his years of experience and familiarity with aircraft to write very life-like and believable novels.  The characters are well developed with good dialog.  Conspiracy theories, politics, red herrings, and human drama undeniably add depth.  This book would make a first-class aviation movie.  Because of the nature of the book and language, the reader should be aware that this is not a book for young children.  However, for somebody who enjoys an imaginative, fast-paced thriller, this book is thoroughly entertaining.  The author's next book is scheduled to release in September 2017.

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  38 religious exclamations; 147 mild obscenities; 10 religious profanities; 7 derogatory names; 24 scatological names; 6 anatomical terms; 9 F-word derivatives. 

Violence/Gore:  People fear airplane is hijacked; man grabs teen by lapels and screams at him; man electrocuted, some blood; several jets shot down by missiles; fire on airplane; man chases woman; man throws woman to the ground and sits on top of her; character has heart attack and dies. 

Sex/Nudity:  Mention of multiple previous sexual encounters between a man and woman, no details; a naked woman, no details; man desires female companionship and sex; teen boy ogles a teen girl's cleavage; man "paid" with luxurious women as thanks for jobs done; conversation about a 14-year-old boy getting "laid"; woman thrown to ground, man sits on top fo her, she thinks she's going to be raped; conversation about a woman's "lady parts" being in close proximity to a "man's private parts"; woman says she has dreamed for ages of a specific man making love to her.

Mature Subject Matter:  

Mossad, Israel, Iranian mullahs, military jets (American & foreign), missiles, airplane hijacking, airplane fire, airplane crashing, politics, espionage, American Intelligence Agencies, sex, work politics.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Alcohol was served on the airplane; alcohol was used to float a compass.

Reviewed By Beth
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