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After studying to get your degree in particle physics, you've finally landed your dream job: working in the famed Heidelberg Physics Laboratory, deep beneath the Swiss Alps. You're pushing the boundaries of physics... until an important test - the search for the elusive Causality Neutrino - goes horribly wrong. With the connection between space and time shattered, it's up to you to save the laboratory and its inhabitants. Can you dodge Phase Beings and unstable Neutrinos and prevent the reactor core from melting down? Or will you, like the rest of the Heidelberg physicists, be forever trapped in spacetime?

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The Strange Physics of the Heidelberg Laboratory

by Danny McAleese & David Kristoph

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Pick your path, choose your own adventure--these types of books are known by different names but no matter the name, they're full of excitement and fun. These books, however, are usually for children. Fortunately, David Kristoph and Danny McAleese have created some in the genre for young adults, with stories and topics geared toward an older audience. Kristoph and McAleese take a little bit of a different approach than what I've seen in other similar books and while there are several endings there's only one "Ultimate Ending." Reading The Strange Physics of the Heidelberg Laboratory is like going through a maze, there are many ways of completing it but there's only one way out or in this case, one perfect ending. As usual, you read the story for a page or two then you come to a crossroads and must make a decision. The different ways they suggest what path to take makes things fun and interesting. They also give diverse endings so it's still intriguing and entertaining to read through the story several times to reach a different conclusion in an attempt to find the perfect one. Many of the scenarios became pretty intense and sometimes you can't make your choice fast enough!

I especially loved the awesome twist at the end of the "Ultimate Ending" so make sure you keep trying new paths until you reach the correct one. While there are several characters, there are really only three main characters who appear throughout most of the stories and they play their parts well. If you remember and loved the choose your own adventure novels when you were younger or if you've never tried a pick your path book before, you must give this book a try! Kristoph and McAleese have created several books in this genre but with different themes so if you enjoy this one, there are plenty more to check out.

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Profanity/Language:  None

Violence/Gore:  A few (10) brief incidents including character has rifles aimed at him; reference that character gets "scratched up a bit"; explosion in building occurs, causing a lot of damage to the building; character gets electrocuted; character is pinned beneath something; character falls through ceiling and mildly hurts ankle; character receives burn on arm that causes blistering; explosion causes character to fall but doesn't get hurt; character is "sucked into a room".

Sex/Nudity:  Several (13) brief incidents including male and female character sharing blanket while sleeping beside each other; hugging; holding hands; hand and head on shoulder.

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