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None!  This is an older title in its 6th reprinting!


Sixpence in Her Shoe

by Phyllis McGinley

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This collection of essays about all aspects of homemaking is written in an entertaining, tongue-in-cheek manner that will make you smile—and maybe even giggle once or twice. Sixpence in Her Shoe is more than just a rosy-eyed view of domesticity; McGinley makes her arguments for the stay-at-home housewife in an articulate, educated manner, with plenty of exceptions to her rules. In fact, the thing I liked best about this book is that, while McGinley has plenty of her own opinions to bring to the fore, the overall message of her delightful book seems to be "figure out what works for YOU." In hilarious manner, she explains how most of the popular advice given to young wives has little bearing on her marriage: her husband never wants to talk about his work, he longs to be given a list of problems to fix around the house, and he can't stand to have his wife get up and prepare a hot breakfast for him. Likewise, McGinley urges her readers to find their own rhythm when it comes to being a wife, homemaker, and mother. In a few places, the book seemed to drag a little as the author went off on a tangent or got bogged down in details.  However, overall it was a very entertaining read! Sixpence in Her Shoe is perfect for homemakers of all sorts—whether they stay at home full time or not, have kids or not, or subscribe to conventional ideas or not.

Content Analysis:  

There is one instance of very mild profanity (a religious epithet used in its proper context).


At one point, the author says that sex (along with religion and politics) is one of the three topics that inspires the liveliest discussions at dinner parties.


The content of this book is appropriate for any age; however, since it is most likely to be of interest to married women

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