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When Annette Downing and her mischievous little brothers are sent to Kellaway Manor for the summer, she hopes for a relaxing escape. But Annette finds her closeted heart in jeopardy when reunited with the handsome Owen Kellaway, a childhood acquaintance and respected gentlemen. When Owen is enlisted to help the boys with their behavior, Annette wonders if he has just as much mischief up his sleeve as her brothers. Bound by a promise she made to her late parents, and amid a frightening mystery, Annette faces a difficult decision when she finds herself falling for Owen's charm…

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Mischief and Manors

by Ashtyn Newbold

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As part of Cedar Fort Publishing's 'Pure Romance' line, Mischief and Manors is guaranteed to be a light, sweet romance. Not only does Mischief meet the publisher's standards, but it far exceeds them! This novel is darling, fun, and a perfect read for fans of romance. Author Ashtyn Newbold crafts a well-written Regency love story, with twists and turns that keep the plot exciting and fast-paced. Main characters Annette and Owen are realistic, likable and have palpable chemistry. Despite a few secondary characters lacking dimension, Newbold shines in this debut novel. I especially enjoyed the dialogue between the two protagonists, and have read some passages over and over! Mischief and Manors is absolutely delightful and would make a great gift for family and friends. 

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language: None

Violence/Gore: A secondhand report of violence when a child recalls being pushed down and sustaining injury; a few brief scenes of violence including characters involved in fistfights, hitting another on the head, kicking, and being forcefully grabbed.

Sex/Nudity: Several incidents of kissing.

Mature Subject Matter:  

Child abuse, death of family members, kidnapping with intent to harm.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

A character "smells heavy brandy" on another character's breath. 

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