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Humphrey might be the first classroom hamster ever to be part of a magic act! 

The kids in Room 26 are talking about jobs they want to have when they grow up. Golden-Miranda wants to be a magician and, even more exciting, she wants Humphrey to be her assistant when she shows the class some tricks. 

But when one of her tricks is in trouble, can Humphrey’s quick thinking (and scampering) fix it in time? 

With sweet illustrations and an easy reading level, Humphrey’s Tiny Tales are great-great-great for emerging readers.

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Humphrey's Mixed-Up Magic Trick

by Betty G. Birney

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If you have a beginning reader who is ready to break into chapter books, then the Humphrey's Series by Betty G. Birney is a perfect next step. The series is really appropriate for younger, precocious readers who are ready for something beyond picture books and really young readers like 6-8 year olds would really enjoy the antics of Humphrey, the class hamster. The books (at the writing of this, my 8-year-old has read and loved them all) are fun, creative and both age and level appropriate. Humphrey is a lovable character and you might even have your child asking you for a pet hamster, because he is so cute and clever.

In Humphrey's Mixed-Up Magic Trick the class is given the assignment to write a report on what they want to be when they grow up. Humphrey is left wondering what exactly a hamster can be when he grows up. As the kids in the class come up with some ideas, Humphrey is given the chance to be part of a magic act, which has him thinking that maybe he could be a magician when he grows up. In the end, he learns that he can be something really important and that is helpful--a useful lesson to readers of any age. 

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