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In a town of word weavers, Mary suffers through her third year of Novice Word Weaving. Mary thinks her troubles are over when she meets a gnome-elf who grants her a wish. But instead of weaving a better story, she's weaving strange yarn charms to accompany her still pathetic tales. Suggested age for readers: 9-12

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The Weaver

by Kai Strand

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Mary feels like a misfit in her town of Word Weavers. Although her mother can weave stories that leave listeners spellbound, nobody wants to hear Mary's pathetic attempts at word weaving! That is, until a wish goes awry and Mary ends up with a strange talent she didn't bargain for. "The Weaver" is a book for anyone who has ever felt different, inadequate, or overshadowed. Although I found some details of the story and setting confusing, and wished for more detail of the Word Weavers' world, it was easy to empathize with Mary's frustrations. Like the stories spun by her word-weaving characters, Kai Strand's short novel has a moral, encouraging each of us to recognize and embrace our unique talents.

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