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Born to be a tooth fairy, Cory Feathering has been busy proving there's another life meant for her -- one of matchmaking! She's already helped Marjorie Muffet and Goldilocks find true love, and now it's Mary Lambkin's turn. When Cory has a vision of Mary with one particular boy, Cory knows exactly what to do.

But it's Cory's own personal life that needs help. The Fairy Guilds are constantly hounding her, furious that she's abandoned the guild she was born into in favor of choosing her own path. They won't stop until justice has been served. As Cory prepares to fight for what she believes in, she must decide once and for all if she's prepared to take on the responsibility of her biggest role yet, one that will change her destiny forever.

This fun and joyful third book in E. D. Baker's Fairy-Tale Matchmaker series is perfect for fans of fairytale retellings.

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The Truest Heart (Fairy Tale Matchmaker 3)

by E. D. Baker

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Corey's perseverance has paid off; her case is going to trial!  The guilds, now desperate to stop her from testifying, ramp up their harassment and send their big bads, like bigfoot and a kraken, to do the job.  In order to make to the trial date, Corey must look to some unlikely allies.

In The Truest Heart, E.D. Baker's third installment of The Fairy Tale Matchmaker series, we are introduced to new side of the fey world. Corey thought she knew ogres, what with Blue being half ogre, but when she must turn to the ogre community, she learns that you never understand a people until you really get to know them. Then, as if her troubles with the guild weren't enough, Corey's cupid abilities continue to grow and present a new challenge: will she ignore a match simply because of her distaste for the two soul mates?  Through it all Corey retains her positivity and tenacious spirit, while also learning a thing or two about selflessness and responsibility.

Although slightly different than the previous two books, focusing more on fairy creatures instead of playing up specific stories, The Truest Heart retains the quick pacing and magical feeling the series has come to be known for, making it a wonderfully fun addition.

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  None

Violence/Gore:  Animal slides on mud; implications that a girl is in danger; ogre gets hit with frost magic; ogre threatens to harm fairies; windows shatter after loud noise; ogre hit with rock; ogre dropped by other ogres; few instances of people being shot with magic "love" arrows; character gets airsick; reference to the Pied Piper kidnapping children; crowd throws dirt at girl; intruder struggles against being caught; character chased by a Bigfoot and Yeti; ogres wrestle Bigfoot; girl slapped on the back (friendly gesture); character attacked by water monster (twice); charactersl involved in a motorcycle accident; character attacked by Harpy; characer throws rocks at monster; reference to previous monster attack; witch puts spell on girl; rats released in restaurant causing mayhem and minor injuries.

Sex/Nudity:  Many instances of innocent romantic affections (hugging, kissing, hand holding); girl carried by boy.

Mature Subject Matter:  

Justice, harassment/bullying, politics, family, responsibility, cultural differences.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Many instances of drinking "apple cider" which is subtly implied as being intoxicating.

Reviewed By Amberle
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