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Eleven-year-old Sam has a problem. Well, quite a few problems. So when he sees a shooting star, he naturally wishes on it--for a million wishes. Of course, he doesn't expect the wish to come true, but somehow it does. Sam has fun experimenting with wishes--he can change anything he wants. But when he discovers that changing things has consequences that aren't always good, he begins to think again.

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Big Wish

by Brandon Robshaw

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What would you do with a million wishes? Sam, a typical middle school student who has to worry about bullies and homework, gets to find out just that. However, it ends up being harder than it seems. From not knowing what to wish for, to unintended consequences, having basically a never-ending supply of wishes isn't all that it is cracked up to be. Just how does Sam manage? Well, you'll have to read Big Wish by Brandon Robshaw to find out.

Big Wish is a fun, fast-paced read that will have you wondering just exactly what would you wish for. Sam's solutions for dealing with the school bully, his dad's job situation, and his own quest for adventure to name a few, will have readers not only laughing, but wondering about the consequences of their own desired wishes and second guessing if it is all worth it. Really Big Wish is an amusing and thought-provoking (in a "what if" kind of way) novel that could lead to some great discussions as well. 

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Profanity/Language:  5 religious exclamations. 

Violence/Gore:  Character pushed up against a wall by school bully; character deliberately hit in the face with a soccer ball; bully threatens characters that if they tattle "they are dead"; character says "bully will kill us"; secondhand account of someone being a thug and having broken someone's nose and arm; character says he will punch someone's face in; character smashes into another, knocking them down and then hitting them so that their nose breaks; account of people falling to the ground from a very high height and smashing to the ground (nothing detailed); account of bully picking on a smaller boy and grabbing his neck and getting ready to punch him; character grabs another person's arm and squeezes with his superpower strength causing pain for the other person; person tries to jab another person in the throat with fingers; person tries to punch someone in the nose but ends up with bloody knuckles; person tries to punch someone in the stomach; person tries to hit someone over the head with a frying pan but only injures himself. 

Sex/Nudity:  Characters described as being naked because their clothes didn't shrink when they transformed sizes; parents kiss in front of kids.

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