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Bill is a young Teddycat, which means he’s one of the most special--and mysterious--animals in the jungle. Teddycats can climb higher than any other mammal around. And because the Teddycats can climb so high, they get to live way up in the highest branches of the tallest trees, in a well-hidden and protected place called Cloud Kingdom.
There are a lot of perks to Teddycat life, but there’s also a lot of responsibility--and rules--that come with it.
Here are some things that Teddycats CANNOT do:

   • Use their super-strong, razor-sharp claws for anything except climbing or life-or-death situations 
   • Reveal their existence or the location of Cloud Kingdom to humans and other predators 
And the number one thing that Teddycats can definitelyno matter whatNEVER do:

   • Bring outsiders into Cloud Kingdom 
That last rule is the most serious one of all. Unfortunately, it’s also the rule that Bill breaks one fateful day, when he brings his buddy Luke, an Olingo, up into Cloud Kingdom. All of a sudden, predators are circling, the ground beneath Cloud Kingdom is littered with human traps, and the Teddycat sanctuary is under attack. Their secret has been exposed, and Bill’s in danger of being banished for his crime. 
            When a baby Teddycat is trapped and taken by a potentially vicious human, Bill knows he has to make things right. Along with a brave but ragtag team of comrades, he sets out into the jungle, determined to fight for the future of his species. 
Will curiosity kill the Teddycats? Or will Bill find a way to claw his way out of this mess?

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by Mike Storey

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Cloud Kingdom is an isolated sanctuary high above, and far removed, from the jungle below.  Its location is a closely guarded secret with only a few outsiders permitted entrance.  But when the jungle intrudes does one young Teddycat have what it takes to protect his species from the most dangerous predator there

Teddycats by Mike Storey is an epic adventure in a small package.  The first book in its series, in it we meet Bill Garra, a young teddycat whose spunk leads him to break the strict rules on his sheltered animal society and do what no teddycat has done in generations: return to the jungle floor.  Bill is an instantly relatable and highly likable character.  A reluctant leader, he doesn't seek the position but bravely accepts the responsibility when it is thrust upon him.  Bill's inner conflict at the beginning of the book--being torn between the strict rules of his society and what his gut tells him--is one that all readers have or will face at one time.  

Teddycats is a story that will appeal to all ages.  It is a page turner with a cliffhanger ending that will leave you begging for more.

Review of an Advance Reader's Copy

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  None

Violence/Gore:  Several references to injured animals; several references to animal traps and snares; young teddycat falls out of tree;  teddycat fears being wounded by trap; olingo tackles teddycat; reference to hitting teddycat with stick; olingo caught in snare; human gets hit by a cage; olingo tells of being trapped by poacher; reference to poacher hurting animal; olingo's job to bury dead; reference to more humans attacking; teddycats fear crossing open land; young teddycat zapped by animal; reference to meat-eating fish; group of animals goes over waterfall, nearly drown; teddycat warns of crocodiles;  animal companion dies peacefully; animal warns of things humans will do to animals; reference to captured animals dying; teddycat scratches human; brief description of human attack; teddycat references being shot by poison dart; teddycats fall off bridge and are nearly eaten; teddycat prepares for battle.

Sex/Nudity:  Animals hug, nuzzle and kiss each other.

Mature Subject Matter:  

Death, hunting, politics, leadership, loyalty, friendship.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  


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