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When Danny makes 'the catch,' everyone seems interested in him. Girls text him, kids ask for autographs, and his highlight play even makes it on SportsCenter's Top Plays. A sports-gear executive tempts Danny with a big-money offer, and he decides to take advantage of his newfound fame. Danny agrees to wear their gear when he plays. But as his bank account gets bigger, so does his ego. Will Danny be able to keep his head in the game?

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The Catch

by Rick Jasper

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 The Catch by Rick Jasper is the first in a six-book series, Travel Team.  Each book in the series follows a different player of the U17 Las Vegas Roadrunners baseball team with a different sports-related story.  Clocking in at only about 100 pages and with a straightforward plotline, The Catch is a quick, easy read targeted more at a sports fan than a book fan.  The majority of the book gives play-by-play field action during baseball games while tying the storyline together with a light, positive, sports- themed message.  While a good fit for a middle-grade reader, it might even lure an older reader with its high school-aged protagonists.  (Case in point:  my 15 year old son picked up the book  and quickly read it.)   With the unintimidating page count and easy read, this book might be just the ticket to tempt that ball player to make a little time for some reading!

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  1 scatalogical word


Violence/Gore:  A character is hit by a baseball.


Sex/Nudity:  A character hugs another character and kisses them on the cheek.

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