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Penelope Tredwell, the pen behind bestselling author, Montgomery Flinch, is cursed with writer's block. She needs a sensational new story or her magazine, the Penny Dreadful, will go under. So when a mysterious letter arrives, confessing to the impossible crime of stealing the Crown Jewels just days before the King's coronation, Penelope thinks she has found a plot to enthrall her readers, until the police charge Montgomery Flinch with the theft of the jewels. Can Penelope solve the mystery, restore the jewels, rescue Monty, save the magazine, and keep the true identity of Montgomery Flinch a secret?

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The Black Crow Conspiracy

by Christopher Edge

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Penelope Tredwell is at it again!  After a severe case of writer's block, Penny turns to the public for ideas.  Little does she know that the one that will set her pen flying across the page is not only fantastical, but also true.

Once again author Christopher Edge weaves a brilliant, fast-paced tale.  The familiar macabre tones of the series are present but they have evolved, much like the tastes of the time period--a more gothic mystery aspect that is wholly engaging.  Penelope remains our unshakable heroine.  Although her quick thinking and self-assuredness are tested to their limit, she carries herself throughout with grace and spunk.  The Black Crow Conspiracy is a perfect addition to a thoroughly entertaining series.

Content Analysis:  

Language/Profanity:  10 religious exclamations.

Violence/Gore:  Character is burned; soldiers fire at thief; reference to the death of Queen Victoria; references to war time violence; man believes he will die of shame; man threatens another man; reference to a small fire; man squeezes girl's arm; character performs painful experiments on people; reference to family being kidnapped; character is kidnapped; character hits child unconscious; child nearly electrocuted; man hits another man with shovel; character thrown to the floor; character thrown into wall; adult draws a sword on young character; character threatens war.

Sex/Nudity:  Woman sits on man's lap; a few instances of boy and girl holding hands.

Mature Subject Matter:  

Loyalty, treason, crime, scientific ethics, war-mongering, conspiracy.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Several references to and non-detailed scenes of adults drinking.

Reviewed By Amberle
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