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Mighty Apollo is known by all as the god of the sun, but there's more to this Olympian than a bright smile and a shining chariot. In the latest volume of Olympians, New York Times bestselling author George O'Connor continues to turn his extensive knowledge of the original Greek myths into rip-roaring graphic novel storytelling.

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Apollo: The Brilliant One

by George O'Connor

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Most people are familiar with the Greek god Apollo. This volume in The Olympians series introduces us to him in a different way, illustrating his complex character through a series of vignettes. The artwork has a classic feel to it while maintaining a modern touch, and the stories, told by the Muses through fun, informal banter, will resonate with young readers.

O'Connor uses color brilliantly in the book, employing darks and lights masterfully to depict good and evil without being cliche. Intermittent splashes of bright color emphasize important details. The stories are exciting and occasionally disturbing as only classic mythology can be, and the author is sensitive enough to bring out important parts of the narrative, touching on the exciting parts without focusing too much on the weird. 

Apollo is a fantastic addition to the series, and the reviewer recommends it wholeheartedly to readers who are familiar with the character as well as those who have yet to be introduced. 

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  None

Violence/Gore:  A character kills a monster with arrows, no gore; a half-human character is punished by being skinned alive, some blood is shown and discussed, and the skin is shown afterward; a character is accidentally killed by a flying object, some blood is shown; a character is killed by an arrow with no detail shown; property is destroyed in an act of vengeance; a character is known to have been killed, no details; characters fight with no injuries.

Sex/Nudity:  A character is known to be pregnant out of wedlock; an extramarital affair is implied; a character chases another character in an unsuccessful attempt to seduce her (no details); a scene where characters are dancing half-dressed/naked with no details of private areas shown; a character kisses a lifelike statue of another character; an extramarital affair is discussed vaguely; nude statues are shown with private areas covered by text.

Mature Subject Matter:  

Mythological complicated family situations.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Social alcohol use.

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