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A charming and heartwarming true story for anyone who has ever longed for a place to belong. “Anne of Green Gables,” My Daughter, and Me is a witty romp through the classic novel; a visit to the magical shores of Prince Edward Island; and a poignant personal tale of love, faith, and loss.

And it all started with a simple question: “What’s an orphan?” The words from her adopted daughter, Phoebe, during a bedtime reading of Anne of Green Gables stopped Lorilee Craker in her tracks. How could Lorilee, who grew up not knowing her own birth parents, answer Phoebe’s question when she had wrestled all her life with feeling orphaned?and learned too well that not every story has a happy ending?

So Lorilee set off on a quest to find answers in the pages of the very book that started it all, determined to discover?and teach her daughter?what home, family, and belonging really mean. If you loved the poignancy of Orphan Train and the humor of Mennonite in a Little Black Dress, you will be captivated by “Anne of Green Gables,” My Daughter, and Me. It’s a beautiful memoir that deftly braids three lost girls’ stories together, speaks straight to the heart of the orphan in us all, and shows us the way home at last.

Anne of Green Gables, My Daughter, and Me: What My Favorite Book Taught Me about Grace, Belonging, and the Orphan in Us All

by Lorilee Craker

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Anne of Green Gables has long been a cherished book in my family, as has L.M. Montgomery's other books. I especially like her "Emily" series. The descriptions she gives and the writing style is so quaint and adorable. Now, in this modern book, Lorilee Craker takes an old story, and weaves it into her life in a way that most everyone will be able to sympathize with or maybe even understand personally.

I don't think much about orphans, or orphanages. I know they still exist, and that unfortunately there are many children and teens that are abandoned and looking for love, but until this situation stares me right in the face, I often let it stay out of my mind. Lorilee Craker knows how it feels to be an orphan all too well, as do her children. They were all adopted into new families for one reson or another, and that is why I had the privilege of reading this book: because a woman saw a connection between herself and Anne (with an 'E') Shirley.

The connection is obvious, as Anne Shirley herself was an orphan, and she was then adopted by a spinster and her elderly brother. If you know the story well, then I assure you that this book is going to be of great appeal. Throughout this book, there are little excerpts of L.M. Montgomery's original book, and different scenes that Craker chose to illustrate her own life, and how she has come to terms with her situation. If you love Anne of Green Gables, you will adore this book.

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Profanity/Language:  None

Violence/Gore:   A child nearly chokes to death; a story is told of a minor burning a house down and the inhabitants die; strychnine poisoning is mentioned to kill an entire family; death of parents by typhoid is mentioned; an abusive husband is mentioned; a severe car crash is mentioned to be nearly fatal; bullying is mentioned to occur.

Sex/Nudity:  A baby is mentioned to be seen nude (non-sexual); a person is referred to as "hot"; an unwanted pregnancy is mentioned, and abortion; pregnancy outside of wedlock occurs; adults kiss.

Mature Subject Matter:  

Death, abandonment, personal crises, bullying, orphans, cancer.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

A drunk husband is mentioned; a minor accidentally drinks wine; a drug overdose is suspected.

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