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This second book in the exciting new middle-grade series about the adventures of a little girl and her three tiny Pocket Cats is sure to delight young independent readers.

When Maddy discovers another one of the cats has come to life, she can't wait to get to know Nibs and start using her new magical power. But Nibs doesn't seem very friendly, and she's here for a reason.  There's a new problem to be solved.  It doesn't take long for Maddy and Nibs to figure out who needs their help. Maddy's cousin Chloe is having trouble settling into her new school. She's so miserable that she's decided to run away. Can Maddy and Nibs use their Shadow Magic to stop her?

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Shadow Magic

by Kitty Wells

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Shadow Magic is a cute, simple story about a girl trying to help her cousin. The imagination  sprinkled though out the story is perfect for a young girl who may also wish her toys came alive and she could be invisible! Although this book would be delightful for a young girl, it is does not have wide appeal for an older audience.

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Shadow Magic is perfectly clean and contains no violence, profanity, or sexuality. Mature themes may include running away from home and a negative attitude that a character uses with the family.

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