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Scat! Scram! Stay out! That's all Bootsie the stray cat hears when she tries to find a place she can call home. But then she meets Meg, a laundry maid at the nearby castle, who knows that a pet is exactly what the royal family needs. Everyone agrees, except one spiteful fairy. Bootsie falls under her spell and into a deep, deep sleep. Will Meg figure out how to break the magical spell? The engaging characters and easy-to-follow plot makes this furry fairy tale just right for children who are starting to read on their own.

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Sleeping Bootsie (Step 3 Reader)

by Maribeth Boelts

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These Step 3 readers are perfect for young, independent readers as well as older readers who need some independent practice.  These original stories are perfectly written for children--in age-appropriateness, vocabulary choice, and overall storyline.  Although they are centered around high-frequency words, the stories gently push readers into more difficult vocabulary.  The stories also have a very polished, mature feel, which older readers who need positive reading experiences will appreciate.  Parents and teachers often search to find interesting books that appeal to emerging readers (as most books for ages 4-8 are either over-simplified or are too mature in content), and can depend on Step 3 Readers to be a great fit for their children.   

In addition, Step 3 Readers offer children a great transition from sight-word based books to real chapter books.  Each book is around 40 pages, which gives them a chapter-book feel, but keeps the stories short enough that children can both comprehend what they are reading and finish the story in a single sitting. 

Wonderful additions to personal or school libraries, these unique titles are both entertaining and educational.  On a side note, if you ever find yourself trying to find a great teacher appreciation gift, the books in this series would make any teacher smile and would be a valuable classroom resource.   

Step 3: Reading On Your Own Readers are recommended for all ages.  Use these titles as read-alouds for very young children, for readers who have mastered 1st-2nd grade sight words and are ready to transition to chapter books, and also for older readers in 3-5 grade who need reading support but don't want to read "little kid" books.  

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