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Well-intentioned trouble maker Araminta Spookie has been "helpful" one too many times, so her family decides to send her to boarding school. On arrival, Araminta is surprised to discover that Gargoyle Hall makes her haunted home seem positively cozy. Strange moans and clanks echo down the halls and the two class leaders are equally creepy. Most of the other students have been scared away, but Araminta is determined to find out what-or who-is menacing the school.Complete with blank-and-white interior illustrations, this brand-new story is perfect for fans of Maryrose Wood and Jacqueline West.

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Gargoyle Hall

by Angie Sage

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Gargoyle Hall is a delightfully spooky tale that is reminiscent of the Adam's Family. Veteran author, Angie Sage, brings readers a quirky cast of characters and a story set in haunted halls and in a mystery-plagued boarding school. Araminta, the youthful detective want-to-be, has her sights set on solving what she thinks is a big mystery. However, her well-meaning and wise aunt sends her to a boarding school run by a friend who is losing students because of a spooky mystery.

The stage is set for Araminta to do her best work, but she realizes she can't do it alone. She needs to rely on and trust in friendships, both old and new. With her friend's help they can face whatever comes their way: monsters, older girls that are intent on being mean, and spooky occurrences. While the overall theme of Gargoyle Hall seems spooky and scary, it really is a delightfully fun and quirky novel that has lessons of friendship and working together. All in all, it's a fun quick read that while you have fun reading it, doesn't leave a lasting impression beyond being quick and fun.

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Profanity/Language:  None

Violence/Gore:  Animals attack a character and get stuck in her hair; character hits another with a mop; character crashes car into tree with no injuries.

Sex/Nudity:  None

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