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Kaybree has grown up hearing stories of the Angels, mythical beings who used to defend Nordgard from the creatures of the forest. After leaving mankind without guidance for centuries, they returned fifteen years ago, leaving a fiery swath of destruction.

When Kaybree is called to the outpost by the forest, home to her mother's mysterious Vormund Order, she stumbles into the latest Angel attack. Soon she learns that she has the unique power to fight them: the ability to transform into a radiant being of fire and lightning.

As she begins to receive visions from Angelic messengers, she delves deeper into her mother's organization. She starts to wonder: why would Angels, holy messengers of God, attack people? Every answer she finds only sparks more questions. Because Vormund holds a deadly secret—one that could change Nordgard and the human race forever.

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Kaybree versus the Angels

by Harrison Paul

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Kaybree is a teenage girl who wants to be normal but was born for quite a different destiny. Although she is interested in clothes and fashion, she finds herself in the middle of blood and gore. Her mother is not much help to her, although Kaybree finds other supports. She is helped by her two friends, and the three are reminiscent of the Harry-Potter-trio of friendship. 

The action scenes were exciting and captivating. Hideous monsters one can only imagine were written into these stories, which was a definite plus to bringing interest to the book. There were funny and clever moments also, well-aimed to lighten the mood for the teenage audience. Some of the best parts involved Kaybree and her two good friends, although the hint at romance was enjoyable as well.

There were a few confusing points to the plot. This was partially because the main character was confused about what was happening to her, but also partially because the book’s content was not edited perfectly.

Kaybree versus the Angels is the first book of the Kaybree the Angel Killer series. 

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  1 mild obscenity.

Violence/Gore:  War and destruction of the past is mentioned a couple of times; a character almost burns down a building on accident; war and destruction is vaguely talked about; an animal attacks a mythical animal and a human, slightly graphic but not lengthy; a monster and a human try to kill each other and the monster is wounded, slightly graphic but not lengthy; characters shoot at an animal, slightly bloody; a lengthy frightening scene, filled with monsters, warfare, and violence (not very graphic); An animal kicks a human; a mythical character attacks a human in a mythical way with fire, not graphic; a character gets burned, graphic but short; two characters battle to the death in an extensive scene, nongraphic; two characters practice sparring with fake weapons a couple of times; a very old human bone is seen by characters; a character sings a song with gruesome lyrics; a character briefly mentions a violent instance; a character briefly describes gruesome things that happened; a short mythical fight between an animal and a human, nongraphic; a character kills another character, short but graphic; a long fight scene, involving magic, only slightly graphic; a teen threatens another teen; a character mentions the possibility of having to kill another character; there is a very long mythical battle, only gory for brief parts;  a character's bloody wounds are briefly described.

Sex/Nudity:  A character is attracted to another character several times throughout the book; a character is nude, nonsexual; a teen is naked and has to cover herself with a curtain; adultery is mentioned.

Mature Subject Matter:  

Religious social conflicts, death, family conflict, underage drinking is discussed.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Getting drunk is mentioned in passing; a teen says she doesn't drink alcohol and talks about the smell of beer.

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