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My name is Mal Marsh. I was the oldest unTurned Were of my generation, waiting Turn after Turn for my own time... which never came. Until the day, driven by desperation and by the guilt I still carried concerning my sister Celia's tragic death, I decided it was time to stop waiting... and made a dangerous choice in the name of pride and fury. Instead of remaining the Random Were that I was born... I enlisted the help of a friend, a creature beyond the strictly drawn boundaries of Were-kind, and chose to become a Lycan, a true wolf. I thought it would give me a chance to take my revenge on those I believed to be responsible for what had happened to my sister. Right until the moment I realized that things were much more complicated that I had ever believed possible... and that my choice might have far more repercussions than I had thought. One thing was clear. Everything I thought I knew about my family was wrong.

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Wolf (The Were Chronicles #2)

by Alma Alexander

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Alma Alexander continues to thrill readers with Wolf (The Were Chronicles #2). The second book in the installment tantalizes with a progressive story line. The stakes are higher, the mysteries more intriguing, and the subjects slightly more mature, as Mal Marsh embarks on a journey that is not as self-serving as he once thought.

Unfamiliar with the previous novel? Not a problem for newcomers, as Ms. Alexander uses the first 50 or so pages to enlighten readers. Narrated in first person, male protagonist Mal sums up what happened in the preceding book in his own words. This is great for readers who skipped book one, but a bit frustrating for readers who are fresh off the cuff of Random (The Were Chronicles #1) and are biting at the chance for fresh material.

Instead of focusing primarily on one family as in the previous novel, Wolf begins to open up more questions about the Were community as a whole and their origin as well as future. Some loose ends that surprised readers during Random will culminate, while new questions are introduced and will hopefully be addressed in the third novel, Shifter (Were Chronicles #3).

Catapulted into a new setting by a new narrator and new (and not so new) conspirators, one thing is commonplace— family secrets abound and whether it's physical or emotional, change is once again on the way.

Everything is different. It is all going to be different. Nothing will ever be the same again.”

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  8 religious exclamations; 13 mild obscenities; 2 anatomical terms.

Violence/Gore: Character recounts past physical altercations he/she has had and the non-life threatening injuries that resulted; character admits to being violent and picking fights; character is bit by an animal, blood mentioned; character wakes in a room that is smeared with blood, implying that some sort of violence occurred; character receives a minor burn; character raises hand as if to hit another character; character firmly grips another character's wrists; character nicks another character drawing blood; secondhand report of death, no details; secondhand report of character receiving wounds from physical altercations; character explains how they cut another character's leg to remove a device, blood mentioned.

Sex/Nudity:  Character must undress to their underwear to be examined by a physician; character is assigned a mate to ensure family posterity; characters discuss mating/breeding, non-descriptive; sexual reference “hook up”; characters discuss the illegitimacy of a fellow character; male and female characters are nude for a non-sexual ritual; male character notices female characters' bodies while nude; characters are forced into a marriage for breeding purposes; characters hug, hold hands, and/or briefly kiss on a few (less than 10) occasions; extended scene (about 1 page) married adult characters engage in sexual activity, not overly descriptive; female helps male character remove clothes, non-sexual; married female and male characters hug and cuddle while nude, sexual activity implied; few (less than 10) mentions of miscarriages and carrying babies to term; character reveals they are pregnant.

Mature Subject Matter:  

Genetically altered and/or conceived species, genetic testing/experiments on unaware human subjects, mental illness, computer hacking, skirting of authorities by illegal activities, death of loved one.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Minors involved in the misuse (distribution, selling, ingesting) of prescription drug; character recounts the accidental overdose of prescription drug of underage sibling that resulted in demise; underage character recalls getting drunk and passing out with a friend; adult character smokes a cigarette; wine is served at a wedding reception; characters drink brandy in their coffee, one character is underage.

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