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GIANT poster, GIANT stories, GIANT fun! With an incredible, huge, interactive poster and six adventurous stories, The Giant Book of Giants is larger than life!   The pop-up, pull-out poster in this BIG tome measures over four feet tall--and offers plenty of playful extras, including flaps to lift and removable items such as a clock tower pocket watch, pipe organ harmonica, and even the giant's ear wax! The action-packed tales in the book include “Jack and the Beanstalk,” “Sinbad's Third Voyage,” and “Coyote Tricks the Giant.” Monster fun for any child--tall or small!

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The Giant Book of Giants

by Saviour Pirotta

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Young boys (and perhaps even some adventurous girls!) will revel in this delightful collection of six tales about giants.  But don't be fooled...this is no ordinary book about giants!  The stories included are gathered from cultures around the world, with stories that adults may even find new.  From Native American to the Middle East to Asia, this book captures the essence of the mythology of giants.  Each story is four pages, includes detailed illustrations, and the writing is clear and simple.  Also, a life-size poster of a giant is included with the book--taller than a child!  Children will devour this colorfully enticing poster and be able to discover the giant's trinkets and possessions (all of which relate back to the stories found in the book).  Prepare to experience giants in all their shapes and forms (from furry, to cyclops, to rock giants, to people-eaters) in The Giant Book of Giants.

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There is absolutely no profanity, sexual content, or mature themes found in this book. 

The very mild violence includes instances that are almost expected in a book about giants:  giants chasing humans to catch them and/or eat them, one very mild instance of people roasting "chunks" of giant, and some detailed illustrations of how each giant looks (cyclops, fuzzy monsters, etc.)  Overall, all very appropriate for 9-12 year old readers.

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