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The author of Heart of a Shepherd offers another sensitive portrayal of military families, this time stationed abroad, in the city of Berlin at that historic time just after the Wall came down.  When 13-year-old Jody and her friends save a badly beaten Russian soldier from drowning, they put into motion a chain of events that will take them from Berlin to Paris and straight into danger. Jody must quickly learn to trust herself, because in the time directly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the border between friend and enemy is not as clear as it once was.

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Second Fiddle

by Rosanne Parry

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True to the essentials for great teen literature (adventure, mystery, and smart teens who solve their own problems), "Second Fiddle" was a charming read.  Set in Berlin and Paris just after the Berlin Wall has come down, Rosanne Parry has created a uniquely new and refreshing story.  I love the fact that this book will appeal to many types of teens: army brats, musicians, travelers, and mystery lovers.  I found the dialog and thought processes true to teenage girls, and I loved that these girls are great role models for teens who will read the book.  My only disappointment came in the end--that there wasn't the final resolution and tie-in I had hoped for (especially between Jody and the soldier, who had begun a meaningful friendship).  Overall, though, I found it a quick, entertaining read that teen girls will relate to and enjoy.

Content Analysis:  

Overall, there was no content to worry about in Second Fiddle.  There was mild violence instances involving a soldier who is thrown into a river in a murder attempt, and the girls actually resuscitate him.  I think it was handled well; the story describes how the soldier had been beaten, and his injuries.  

As far as profanity, the girls say several religious exclamations throughout the book, basically, "Oh my..".

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