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"This taut, unforgettable adventure is storytelling of the best sort." - Andrea Cremer, NYT Bestselling Author of NIGHTSHADE

Step into the Feral Zone, where the stakes are high, the romance is steamy, and the dangers are unlike anything you've ever seen. . . .

Lane McEvoy gets the shock of her life when she learns that someone she loves has crossed into the Feral Zone, the forbidden wilderness east of the Mississippi River. Few have dared set foot in the Zone since the devastating biological disaster that killed millions and left the survivors . . . changed. But now Lane has little choice. She travels east, completely unprepared for what she finds in the ruins of civilization . . . and afraid to learn whether her humanity will prove her greatest strength or a fatal weakness.

In this bold and utterly original trilogy, acclaimed author Kat Falls brings you to the very edge of civilization and dares you to jump.

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by Kat Falls

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No stranger to the middle grade fiction circuit, Kat Falls emerges on the YA scene with Inhuman. The first book in a series arranged to be a trilogy encompasses science fiction, fantasy, and dystopian qualities and mixes them all into one book, concocting a narrative which will conceivably engage and thrill readers.


In a world ravaged by a vicious virus, protagonist Lane McEvoy narrates as she grips readers with the life-threatening events she and her cohorts encounter. With references to a “wall”, “virus”, and, “ mutations” the novel does have some traits that feel similar to a zombie apocalypse tale, in particular the movie adaption of World War Z. Not to give anything away, but the animals felt familiar too. However, any similarities the reader may find are quickly overshadowed by the inventive and creative bac story and present conundrums the characters are faced with.


What is a YA dystopian saga without a little romance? Unfortunately (only because it has been done on a litany of occasions), Falls presents that romance in the form of a love triangle. Fortunately though, this love triangle is not trite with an over-play of extreme dramatics and ravaged hormones. Nevertheless, it's still a teen drama so expect some doltish behavior.


A nominee on the 2014-2015 Tome Society It List for “clean” teen reads, Inhuman cultivates a society in which you may have to risk your humanity to save your health, and how being human and humane are not always related. Are you immune to the imaginations that are Kat Fall's? Jump the wall and find out with Inhuman.

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language: None

Note:  The word "hell" is used once, but not as an obscenity. 


Violence/Gore:  Character's father's life is threatened; report of being shot dead if you are caught in an unauthorized area; character briefly stumbles over corpses in the dark; brief skirmish between characters--kick, tackle, tranquilizer dart; character briefly encounters a human who's been mauled, blood and gore mentioned; report of character shooting another character; character is restrained, elbows to be free; character is threatened at knife point, is hit and cut, blood mentioned; brief report of character being gutted; character is shot, mild brief description of wound; brief somewhat descriptive scene character is shot dead; non-graphic extended scene (about 1 page) character captures prey, intends to kill, hits it over and over, blood mentioned; extended scary scene (about 2 pages) character is chased by a mutated creature; character threatens to beat another character; report of character being killed by a feral animal; report of attack and kill by a feral animal; report of multiple deaths by feral animal; implied occurrence of violence if character does not get their way; extended scene (about 1 page) report of death by feral animal 2x; character has a brief violent dream; character is knocked unconscious; character encounters a mutilated corpse; characters engage in physical violence, hitting, cutting, blood mentioned; character discovers a roomful of decaying corpses; character is hit 2x; animal is briefly beaten; character punches another character; report of animal attack resulting in characters disfigurement 3x; extended violent scene (about 2 pages) character and creature must battle one another (gladiator-like scenario) hitting; stabbing; clawing, biting; extended scene (1 page) creature attacks character, creature is beaten to death; character briefly stabs another character, resulting in death; extended scene (1 page) creature attacks character punching and slashing; somewhat graphic scene creature rips open character's chest and devours their heart; character bites another character ; creatures briefly attack 2x; extended violent scene (about 1 page) creature and character fight and threaten one another, fight becomes gory, limb is chopped off.


Sex/Nudity:  Mention of character witnessing teens kiss; teen characters kiss; assumption that a character is an escort; characters try to negotiate a deal, male character suggests female character share his bed in lieu of payment (sexual innuendo); sexual reference, “hooking up” is used once; character makes a brief joke with sexual undertone; male and female character share bed (no sexual reference); characters hold hands; kiss on hand, teen characters kiss and/or embrace about 3x.

Mature Subject Matter:  

Thieving, mutated humans and animals, sickness, death(s).

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Mention of scotch and vodka; medical drug is used to help calm and initiate sleep; report of parent drinking moonshine; character smokes cigar.

Reviewed By MaryLou
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