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In December 1992, three groups of teenagers head to the theater to see the movie version of the famed Eons & Empires comic books. For Adam it's a last ditch effort to connect with something (actually, someone, the girl he's had a crush on for years) in his sleepy Florida town before he leaves for good. Passionate fan Sharon skips school in Cincinnati so she can fully appreciate the flick without interruption from her vapid almost-friends—a seemingly silly indiscretion with shocking consequences. And in suburban Chicago, Phoebe and Ollie simply want to have a nice first date and maybe fool around in the dark, if everyone they know could just stop getting in the way.


Over the next two decades, these unforgettable characters criss-cross the globe, becoming entwined by friendship, sex, ambition, fame and tragedy. A razor-sharp, darkly comic page-turner, In Some Other World, Maybe sheds light on what it means to grow up in modern America.

In Some Other World, Maybe: A Novel

by Shari Goldhagen

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I'll admit to not knowing anything about this book previous to reading it. I didn't even know how long it was. (I downloaded the audiobook.) Though it seemed to take forever to get through it, the story didn't drag. I was entertained, but it took a while to see an end anywhere in the near future. I stuck with this lengthy book though, got to the end, and I feel like it was worth it. That's all a reader can ask for, right?


This book starts out with an interesting twist that made for a bit of confusion at times. Instead of following the lives of one character, or being narrated by a hero or heroine, it was about a bunch of people, and narrated by them all:  Adam, Oliver, Phoebe, and Sharon. All of them teens, looking for a place in the world where they fit in. All of them young and bold, with their whole lives ahead of them. And even though as a reader I could vaguely see connections being made, it was not until I was most of the way through this book that I saw just how intertwined these kids' lives were. It is not just that they have a nerdy love for the same movie, or that they are all basically the same age. Really, it's nothing tangible at all. The thing this group of diverse young ones has in common is that they are American, and growing up in the beloved U.S. of A.


It is funny how even though we all are born, grow-up, and live, we seem to crave and yearn for stories. Everyone has their preferences, but for the most part, readers read to live in a different world, even if it's only for a few hours. In Some Other World, Maybe reminded me of an Indie movie. It was bright, well-written, and beautiful. I wanted to become one of the characters, because even though they all had their troubles, their lives seemed fabulous and exciting. I can't say that I found myself relating to a certain character more than any of the others, but I liked all of them equally. If you were a fan of Meg Wolitzer's book The Interestings, you will fall in love with this story right away.

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  7 religious exclamations; 3 mild obscenities; 2 religious profanities; 6 derogatory names; 5 scatological words; 12 anatomical terms; 26 F-Word derivatives.


Violence/Gore:  A plane crash occurs, casualties are mentioned, no details are given; a minor tries to drown a peer because he is angry at him; a character is mentioned to suffer from a heart attack; a woman slaps a man; a man punches a wall in anger; a car crash is mentioned to have occurred, drinking and driving is involved; a rape and murder are mentioned with no detail; a boy shoves another boy in anger, an injury occurs and a bloody nose is described in brief detail; a woman attempts to commit suicide by cutting her wrists; two cars almost crash; a a man is mentioned to die from an aneurysm; a plane crash occurs and a character worries about his father dying; a character is mentioned to "bleed out"; a book is written about a girl being murdered; blood is mentioned to be matting a characters' hair; a man is mentioned to be in an accident and have an injured leg.

Sex/Nudity:  An unmarried woman and man sleep together; teens are implied to have sex; teens "make out" sex is referred to among adults multiple times; a man and woman are briefly described to have sex in the men's restroom, the man is said to touch the woman's breasts; sex is implied multiple times among adults; Playboy magazines are mentioned to be hidden by a boy from a parent; a woman mentions sex in a conversation and refers to it as "whoring"; a man is observed urinating in front of a woman in one brief scene; rape jokes are mentioned; a woman's breasts are spoken about briefly; two teen boys kiss; minors are mentioned to have sex, be sexually active; a minor boy has sex with his stepmother, no description is given, this is mentioned several times; a woman has an abortion; a woman is mentioned to participate in a nude and campaign; minors are mentioned to "make out"; a boy says he lost his virginity sophomore year; teen pregnancy occurs, is mentioned to be an issue in a community; a minor is mentioned to masturbate; a strip club is referred to; minors kiss several times; a minor boy touches a minor girl in a sexual way; sex is mentioned multiple times; a man cheats on his girlfriend; a sex scene in a movie is talked about briefly with no explicit detail; a man and woman are mentioned to bathe together, no description is given; a man jokes about sexually harassing a woman; a man and woman are mentioned to have sex in one brief scene with no explicit detail; a used condom is referred to.

Mature Subject Matter:  

Cancer, personal crises, drinking and driving, suicide, sex (adults, minors, incestuous), homosexuality, teen pregnancy, drug use, identity.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Adults drink beer; adults are mentioned to "pound shots; adults drink alcohol frequently in social encounters; drinking vodka is mentioned; a character notes the scent of marijuana wafting off of another character; a man takes illegal drugs to stay awake; meth use is mentioned; underage drinking occurs; a man buys beer for minors; characters are mentioned to grow marijuana and get high.

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