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In Tally's world, your 16th birthday brings an operation that turns you from a repellant Ugly into a stunningly attractive Pretty, and catapults you into a high-tech paradise where your only job is having a really good time. Just before her birthday, Tally discovered that turning Pretty comes with a terrible price. She vowed to accept the operation, but with the understanding that her friends on the outside would rescue her, and let her be the guinea pig for the experimental and highly dangerous cure they're developing.

But in the second book of the Uglies series, Tally's Pretty. And everything's changed. The new, Pretty Tally is totally happy right where she is. She doesn't think she needs any kind of cure at all. When someone from her Ugly life shows up with a message, Tally has a hard time listening. Did she really promise to give all this up? Is she bound by a promise she made when she was a different person? If there is anything left of the old Tally, how will she fight her way out to keep her word and help her friends.


by Scott Westerfeld

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The title of Pretties may sound like a shallow book full of teenage drama, but it may surprise you to learn it is another one of those dystopian novels. Pretties is the second book in the Uglies series, and it is "totally bubbly," to quote the book. To be quite specific, this is a well-written teenage novel that is far above the average quality you might find in most teenage sections at the bookstore. The characters change dramatically throughout the book, from being superficial, empty-headed sheep to being freedom-loving, real people. The transformation is captivating, and the storyline is hard to forget. You will definitely want to read the rest of the series, and should forgo reading this book until you have read the first book, Uglies.


Although it may have been published a few years ago (2005), this book is still the sort of book that the current public loves to read. If you liked The Hunger Games or Matched, this book is for you. Don't miss out on it. And although this book may be enjoyed by a 12 or 13 year-old, don't let that dissuade you if you happen to be an adult. It is definitely an enjoyable book for those 23ish year olds who like good books about rebelling against the future government (like yours truly, for example).

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  4 mild obscenities; 2 scatological words.


Violence/Gore:  A character receives a bloody head injury; a character imagines breaking her own thumb; a group of characters cut themselves with knives on purpose; a character punches a metal piece of equipment and gets a bloody fist; characters discuss a possible gruesome injury; a character gets hit hard in the face while falling; a character is chased by a mob, and is hit a few times with clubs; a character discusses cultural tradition of killing for revenge; a character talks about some people who "destroy" others who are considered a threat; an eerie scene where a weapon is used to attack a character's nervous system; a character threatens another character with a knife; a character walks through a ghost town and sees some skulls of people who were blown up a long time ago.


Sex/Nudity:  Characters are mentioned as being mostly naked because of caveman costumes they are wearing; teens kiss several times; a teen considers whether or not she is ready to have sex for the first time; a character makes a sexual innuendo; teen boy and girl characters sleep in same bed for about a month, whether or not they had sex is not mentioned; a teen girl bathes in a spring and is seen by a teen boy, but the scene is not sexual because there is an emergency happening. 

Mature Subject Matter:  

Wrist cutting (but not meant as a form of suicide), underage drinking, robbery/thieving, murder and revenge.

Alcohol / Drug Use:  

Several brief mentions of teens getting drunk or drinking alcohol.

Reviewed By Amber
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