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Claws. Long, filthy, and dangerously sharp.

They're the first thing Bella sees after what's been the worst day of her life. If Bella were the quintessential Beauty--gorgeous, kindhearted, and self-sacrificing--she might have a chance at transforming this monster into a man, but she's never been the toad-kissing kind. Obsessed with landing a wealthy nobleman and escaping her humdrum life, Bella will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Which is precisely what landed her here, at the mercy of the Beast.
In this imaginative retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Bella's sense of entitlement strains both her family's finances and patience. As punishment for her selfishness, she's sent into the Beast's service where she must choose whether to follow the path she's always dreamed of--or risk it all for something even greater.

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Becoming Beauty

by Sarah E. Boucher

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Beauty and the Beast enthusiasts will love Sarah Boucher's interpretation of the beloved fairy tale. The story has many familiar elements but she adds many of her own twists. The alterations Boucher chose to make to the typical characters are superior to the original story (in my opinion) as they helped make the plot less gloomy. You'll appreciate the traditional perseverance of the characters as well as the new addition of feistiness and sarcasm. I also really liked the transformations that all three main characters go through and that none of them were ever portrayed as perfect (even in the end), making them relatable. Beyond fans of fairy tales, this book will also appeal to those who enjoy Shannon Hale novels as Boucher's voice and characters are similar.

Content Analysis:  

Profanity/Language:  None


Violence/Gore:  Few (8) brief incidents including character imagines throwing another due to jealousy; character worries about getting murdered in sleep; four secondhand reports of deaths; character passes out; angry character tears apart bedroom, damaging many things in the process.


Sex/Nudity:  Many (38) incidents including dancing; hugging; kissing; touching face; hand and head on shoulder; touched knee and arm; character being held; holding hands; hugging; walking arm in arm.

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